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Thread: Lvl 45 looking for good derby neighborhood

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    Lvl 45 looking for good derby neighborhood

    Active lv 45

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    Active lv 45
    Messaged you!

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    Hi our group is **ACTIVE TRADERS** WE love the derby and we are currently looking for members as all ours have quit playing. As of now we have 3 members. We've won 15 gold trophies, 20 silver, and 17 bronze. We love doing 320 plus task, and helping each other out. Very friendly chatty group. Come check us out. 😁😁

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    So what exactly are you looking for in a neighbourhood? I could tell you about mine, and see if it interests you...

    Beagle Love (Tag #2QGQ9RLG) was created to unite players around the world who have a soft spot for beagles (and other animals, of course).

    We are successful in derbies and do our best to help each other out. We encourage full participation, but understand that people have lives outside of Hayday

    ps: Feel free to send me a friend request J0P8LJQ

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    🐮 neighbourhood; beagle love 🐮

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    We currently have 3 spots... if you would like come join our hood! We are derby players and rebuilding as well. tag number... vulj9gj

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    Hey BNoble. I'm a level 52 farmer and I'm quite interested to join your neighbourhood and I'm very active in the derby - I look forward to competitive play. Please reply if I could join.

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    Moment of truth - we are getting a bit bored with the derby. When we decide to win we usually complete 10 tasks before Thursday. So ya - we can do it. We have reached the point of big whoop. (Lol) We want a change. We have big farms, big barns, land fully expanded. Blah blah blah.

    So here is what we are looking for. We are looking for small farms that want to grow. We are looking for newcomers that want to learn to derby and develop their skills! We are looking for more towns to share with! We are looking for polite, friendly adult farmers.

    Derby is optional. Opting out from the derby is ok- we all have lives! If you participate in derby tasks will be expected at 2509 until you have gotten all your machines and expanded enough to make the derby fun... and not a chore!

    Since the derby has become mundane to us...helping you to grow will make the farm fun again! Come check us out. Cloud 9. Pink cat blue background. Neighborhood Tag # - JP808LV.

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    Derby Junkys is laid back but dedicated to doing all our high points derby tasks. We are friendly and helpful.
    If you interested in joining then welcome and check our NH out. tag #2RLPRVLQ.
    Take care. 😊
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