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    Stuck at updating....

    It just won't move past the connecting...updating... stage

    Then i get the msg not connected to server,try again

    And the connecting updating cycle repeats.

    Please help me out!! Been trying to connect for half an hr now
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    I had this problem but solved it by making sure hayday was backing up to either google or facebook,then uninstall hayday and re installing it again.
    Worked perfect after doing that.

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    If you need to reach out to our support, always use the in-game help & support section. If you can't access it, use this form:

    Emailing them is not the best way as they will most probably not get enough info about your account / farm / NH.


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    Same problem here. Since the update yesterday it freezes halfway through connecting. Can't get on to check whether it is backing up to Google. Have deleted abd reinstalled but same thing happens. I used the form but no reply. Any ideas?

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