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    We've gotten plenty of 400/390 tasks. One neighbor is already done with her tasks! I think it's just a matter of luck....

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    Since I posted my board has been flooded with 400-point tasks. No exaggeration. All my farms have finished 10 tasks and right now the board is showing only 400s. I got at least 12 help tasks. The last 2 I just couldn’t take - no one needed help. The rest were tomato juice, 1 syrup, quite a number of warming-tasks baskets, several crops (all lettuce, all tomatoes, all pumpkins, tomatoes/potatoes/corn), one basket with a candle/wool/somethingelse combo that I promptly dumped.

    I was very surprised but pleased at the bonanza. This has never happened in my game before. And now, just in case this abundance occurred because I wrote something here, I’ll be heading over to find an appropriate thread to speak about the Town UI. You know. Just in case.

    To everyone still trashing incessantly: May your boards catch the 400 fever!

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    Suddenly, everything is 400 points
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