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    I will only get the free stuff for the foreseeable future.

    A lot of those options aren’t even part of the Collection book to complete for rewards.... I am too old to get sucked into the “gotta get them all” trading card mentality in the red book.... I was fine with the standard things for so long...I will just get the free stuff if it looks good enough for me to live with it for a while....

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    The owners of Smurfs Village started getting this way too — making everything cost so much, but the new owners started listening to the customers. It’s what makes me play it more than HD now. We asked for deco, and the response here was, “I’ll put a single fence post in a wheel that you can spin once a day unless you want to spend diamonds.” Just give some fences for coins in the menu. Will it really break the bank?
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    Quote Originally Posted by buggles View Post
    Anyone experiencing odd updates to truck,house or RSS....I was on my sister's farm waiting see her updated truck when Maggie was Building her truck all of the sudden I end up back on my farm with Maggie building my truck the same as my sister ???? I did not initiate the truck build...odd
    I too got a free redo that was $$coin on my baby farms RSS. Since I couldn't get rid of it I got the 'free' awning to match and now it looks nice but....???? Have no idea why it changed.

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