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Thread: I need a clan for clan games

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    Red face I need a clan for clan games

    I need a clan for clan games ‼


    player name - sgb #8RGYGJPCQ

    Experience Level - 122

    Town Hall - 11 Builder Hall - 8

    more information -


    Good Donater

    100% in clan games

    FRIENDLY ❤️️

    please invite and give me a chance to prove .

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    Stop in and give us a look, we would love to have an active clan gamer!

    Not Worthy

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    Why do you write in BIG letters? Gives me a headache

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    Sent you a message

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    We're recruiting players for CG and war....
    Friendly clan....
    We're serious and good, but not professional.... Winning is not everything.... But you need to be responsible with your attacks.... Missing out on attacks continuously won't be tolerated... If you're not good enough to 3*... We can help you with that... We have a fairly green war log...
    Apply via discord:
    Any town hall levels are invited... Must be active... Wars aren't mandatory.... But participation in either war or CG is.... No donation limits, minimum or maximum... But you will get your troops...
    Clan name : Singularity
    Clan tag : #CRGRGU2G

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    I am Bellatrix, if you are interested give us a look. We are a level 13 war clan- BEST BROTHER (#PV8VL2P0). We war back to back. We are drama free and fairly active in chats and donations. If you want to drop by mention forums in request.

    We expect our members to donate and contribute at least 50% of max cap in games. We have reached max tier in all clan games including builder games but we still want new members to contribute soo the pressure on all is less.

    You can join us for next games and see if you can fit in.
    Have an awesome day!!

    - Your future team

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    please invite

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    As our clan evolves into a more strategic environment, we are looking for TH7 to TH11 players who are passionately devoted to do their best. We provide a stable home where you have an active place to grow in. Clan games are always completed until the highest tier. War clan castles and troops requests are filled automatically just the way things should be. The best way to learn how to 3-star bases is to participate in wars and friendly challenges. Ask for advice and feel free to share tips as well. We stay true to our origin of collaborative learning and we thrive by helping each other rise to all challenges.

    Nox Paradox

    Check out our official recruitment thread here to learn more about our clan:

    Join our BAND at or message me here in the forums if you have any questions.

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    We're an Adult 18+ American based level 11 back to back war clan. That being said there is never pressure to war if you do not want to. (Just opt out)

    A few things about our clan. Were Level 11 War clan, our war log is currently 238-33-21.

    We are active, organized, we hit max tier in clan, games, donate often and help each other with new and existing attack strategies and base building tips. The clan currently has around 39 members. So that being said, theres room for more and we would like to continue to grow the clan to where we can do bigger wars. You do need to be at least town hall seven or higher to join us. We are looking for members who are active, who are not rushed and can bring something to the table. We use Line Messenger to communicate outside of the game. However that is not required, it just helps with sharing war strategies, layouts and other various clan related things.

    Also we are willing to give advice to anyone who joins us to help them better themselves in their attacks and at war. We also are not above listening and taking advice from those who join us.
    I believe that's what a clan is about. Helping each other and learning from one another, all while having fun.

    We also ask new members to have a good base that is difficult to 3 star for war. And we will ask when you join to do a few friendly challenges, just to see how you would attack in war.

    Also if you're part of a clan that is dying and you're an active co-leader or just looking for a change of pace. Were looking for a few additional "active people" who would be interested in the near future helping with leadership as the clan continues to grow.

    So if you have a winning attitude and enjoy crushing your opponents and having fun while doing so, then this is the place for you. If you have what it takes then come be a part of our clash family.
    Come with us on our journey, as we continue to grow and continue wrecking each and every opponent we face.

    Send us a join request, and make sure and include the word "Supercell" in your request to join, along with your age and location.

    Our clan code is #L9CVPQCQ

    Savage Horde- A place where Legends are being born!

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    invite me please

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