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Thread: War search times

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorbash098 View Post
    This made me laugh out loud. People here are telling you how to get faster matches and you refuse to do it. On top of that you are demanding gems. I really hope you are joking as this is one of the most irrational thing I have see in this forum.
    Spend some more time. Most people specialize in irrational things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1991 View Post
    Sure.either give me 4 th10s or 9s or give me gems. Thank you. Not dropping the th6s. Id rather attack using the other 6 ths
    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1991 View Post
    Fyi, im still matching with 4 th11s in every war. Th10 n below doesnt really matter. They will all get 3 starred by the th11s by my clan or the opponent
    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1991 View Post
    What gives? Ive been searching for a war for two days already. No match! Its 4 th11s, 2 th9s and 4 th6s. Give me a match!

    Yes. I dont really care about the th6s. They are just filler.
    Dab.. First question has to be.. Why the thread?.
    There have been reasonable and competent suggestions made, that would help you match, but you refuse to agree, or accept.
    Are you sure you would rather go with 6s over 11s, rather than drop them?.. Your 2 x TH9s may give you a problem, if you roster with 8 x th6.. maybe drop those also.
    If you feel the MM is struggling to match you, and after 2 days, I am sure that you will be beginning to wonder.. It may be good to try a little shuffling of your pack. I wont suggest what, as I prefer my wife to bite my head off... But try and think what other people may be using in their roster... just maybe a bunch, then skip a hall, then another bunch, then skip 2 halls, then another bunch... It isn't beyond the realms of possibility, that this set up may be on the rare side mate.

    EDIT.. Pardon the pun.. But if you are such a Dab hand with th11 attacks, that anything below an 11 is simply cannon fodder, why are you refusing to drop the 6s. You would surely match by using higher halls, and your 11s can hit them as easily as 6s anyway.. Don't figure.
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