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Thread: Clan war mismatch

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    Clan war mismatch

    Clan tag: #8CGLV228
    Check our war log you morons supercell. I have contacted you many times. But u didn't do anything for us. Our wars are constantly mismatched that caused us defeat. What the ♥♥♥♥ is going on in supercell? Can't you see our problems? If you don't fix it we will leave coc.. get lost

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    You won't get a SC response here, this is a user forum. But taking a peek - -
    Your engineering isn't working out well for you, need to engineer better or engineer less. Good news is you can fix this yourself, bad news is SC won't fix it for you.

    From the FAQ -
    FAQ 2. SC we've got a horrible match take a look. How did this happen?

    The answer may be a simple as, the matchmaker is far from perfect. You can try to bring it to SC's attention here - You will not get a response.

    There may be issues with your roster as well however, that make fair matching difficult. Running uncommon lineups (odd TH spreads, defenseless, th3 ringers, even mild engineering such as .5s) can lead to strange matching in your favor or against you, long searches, or even no match at all (increasingly common in 2018). On the other hand, most warring clans are small (5, 10, or 15) so odds of a good match are better with smaller rosters. Put up your clan tag along with the specific issue (often, "other side has more th11s") and allow visitors if you'd like the members of the forum to take a look and offer advice.
    Due to how complicated the issue is, partial information isn't helpful. Do not bother noting the townhalls involved, or a few select 'mirror matches'. Put up your clan tag so we can see what's up.
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    Srikumar, why are you blaming SC for, what is looking like, 3 on the bounce?.. Did you really expect the roster you run to gift you wars for time eternity.
    You are new here, so maybe you are finding out the hard way, what people here already know.. Low liers no longer guarantee a win. Although your assortment of hall colours may well look pretty, it seems it has had its day. It is time for change, you aren't getting the spins you used to. Balance your accounts, or at least balance your roster. You contacted SC many times?.. Why?.. To tell them to stop putting opposition that wont roll over on the opposite page.
    It sometimes baffles me, when people complain about unfair matching, yet refuse to change.. But when someone that runs more than a little engineering, complains about drawing engineers, I am above baffled, you absolutely astounded me

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    Why are you complaining about matches when 30% of your lineup is engineered?
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    The number of ties, 32, tells me all that I need to know without even looking at your roster...

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