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    I used to play it for the fun. Kept me going for a longgg time.
    The th9 grind was actually kinda fun and learning and improving on strats was great to do
    My clan was great too with good people in there. The BB helped too with all the BH6 stuff to do.

    But now I've lost that spark; that "OOH COC is great fun to play" thing. Kinda sad but understandable especially when life gets busier lol. With that it also meant that I lost my motivation to come here so feelsbadman
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    Maxing a base. Keeping up with friends. Being at the top of the leaderboard so that people can kno me. Time passing. More stuffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasoTheOne View Post
    This happens to almost every Clasher whenever we farm resources and sometimes get bored with using same cheap army or when pushing Trophies and loose a attack or long hour clouds, or Upgrading heroes, we sometimes want to leave the game or take a long break from the game. (Happens to me a lot)

    So whenever you find your self in one of these conditions or any other condition, what motivates you to keep playing Clash of Clans?

    For me Music is always my biggest Motivation whenever I'm in one of these situations.
    Look i have a very long term vision for clash of clans. My dream is to possess th 9,10,11,12(if it comes) and bb (5,6,7,8) max accounts.
    And i want to do wars, friendly wars(in cwl), live wars in neighbourhood, tournaments.

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    Chatting with babes online.

    Kip Dynomite

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    Personal and clan achievements. I want to max my base, watch my clan grow, and wreck bases in war.

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    My clan since I am a clan leader,i think I have responsibilities

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    Lost an attack at 5.68K yesterday.
    Gotta get those trophies back

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    Th12 - le chat nu !!

    Quote Originally Posted by RedRage10 View Post
    fette is always right
    Quote Originally Posted by freakazoid1985 View Post
    fette knows best

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    Always want to break my highest trophy count record!!!
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    Its gotta be my clanmates, every time I feel down, they make sure I get up on my feet again, I have known them for nearly 3 years now, it is amazing, I would have quit long ago if it haden't been for them.
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