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Thread: What do you do when someone offers you theirs account?

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    What do you do when someone offers you theirs account?

    As the title says, what do you do when someone in global says "hey who want to get my account" for example. Do you ignore them or send screenshots to supercell?

    Because I recently saw someone, who wrote this and I was wondering if I should send it to Supercell. Because, as you know, recently many people get scammed. (Many forum threads about stolen accounts etc.)

    Im interested what you guys do when You see someone saying that. It's against ToS, but I kind of feel wrong when I report someone, because then I am the guy who is kind of responsible that the account got banned and I'd fell bad :/

    So what do you do in those situations?
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    If you know about the problem and know how not to be scammed, then I recommend accept him to the clan saying you would like his account, and take screenshots when he is talking more detail,then you will have a bit more evidence. Instead of just taking some screenshots on global, that could just be a prank.
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    Screenshot convo, screenshot player profile and report ingame, I’d say.

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    Why feel bad, do you think they would feel bad for steeling your account. Hint; they wont. Never show a thief any sympathy, they're the lowest of the low and a burden on society in so many ways.

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    Just use the report feature on the global or clan chat. You donít need to send screenshots. At least that is what SC Support told me when I contacted them, that they will check the logs of the person reported and be able to see what he/she was saying.

    In other words, there isnít anything your screen shot will show that they donít already have. They just need to be alerted of anaccount to investigate.

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    There are actually some people who genuinely do not know that giving away an account is against the ToCs, especially if they do not play much or have been inactive for a long time. We actually had an old clan mate return after being inactive for a long time to try and offload his account who had no idea that it was against the rules to do this.

    Unless they are acting particularly suspiciously I'd give them the benefit of the doubt first and tell them that it is against the ToCs... If they carry on trying to give it away after that though, then of course report away.

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    People already asked me to take care of their accounts while they travel etc.

    I just say it's against -TOS and refuse. No reason to send anything to SC. It's their job to ensure TOS are respected, not mine.
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    You don't have to send screen shots, click the message and then report. SC will get a copy of it.

    Since that time has passed you should certainly report them and send the screen shot. The only account your getting banned is a temp account someone uses to steal other peoples accounts with.

    You're not hurting anyone other than a thief. Doing nothing gets more people hurt.

    Only problem, they don't care about the account they are posting this stuff from, they will just make another one. Make it a little harder on them.

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    Ignore them. SC seems to inforce rules when they want to. And no one likes a rat anyway.
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    I just report them in global / clan chat as it is against TOS.
    and yes i demp them lol

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