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    Cool Sneak Peek #2: New Character & Customization!

    Sneak Peek #2: New Character - The Builder "Maggie", and Farmhouse Customization!

    We are super excited to bring a new character to the game - Say hi to the builder "Maggie", who will visit your farm once a week to redecorate your Farmhouse! The only criteria to get Maggie to visit your farm is that you are level 31, and you have completed at least 20 achievements!

    There's a huge number of new unique parts for the roof, walls and the porch - up to 75(!) combined! So many options to make your farmhouse stand out from the crowd! It will be awesome to see what you guys come up with!

    When you unlock the builder Maggie, you will also get the Renovation Catalogs!

    One of the catalogs is the Style Book and the other is the Collection Book. Let me explain them a bit:

    Style Book: You will see some suggestions of different styles. Complete the suggested styles (roof, walls and porch) and get rewards!
    Collection Book: This book will keep track of every single part you have ever customized. Let it be the roof, the walls the porch etc.

    Share your comments below!


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    Wow this is soooo eggggciting!

    Nick can we move between styles in edit mode? Like a Mission Revival farmhouse on one farm and a Victorian one on another?
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    Wow. Amazing sooooo eggcited for this update and there's more to come
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    So she won't cost diamonds to use? I'm shocked if true!! ��
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    Nice one Nick - there will be some beautiful farmhouses on display next week for sure.

    Looking forward to Number 3 tomorrow - praying for some gameplay, themes or land expansion in that one (Iím one of the grumpy ones!)
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    Sounds great, hope we are getting more land released in town soon too.

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    Hi Maggie!

    Nice to meet you 😊

    Iím looking forward to browsing through your style book.

    Can you please tell me how we purchase the items and how you like to be paid

    Kind regards

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    looks amazing !

    Any hints on what we need to unlock new styles? Barn tools? Diamonds? Tasks or achievements?

    i notice that she has a BOLT in her toolbox......

    thank you !
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    Question: Will her workstation be permanent in the farm? (Since she only visit us once a week anyway) I mean do we need a space for it? Cos I will have to move around machines, etc.

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    Hi maggie
    I love hay day..
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