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    Oh wow! This looks awesome! Can’t wait!

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    Nice, any idea when this drops?

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    Also... please Ranger identify the farm house styles in your video as we can only see two of the pictures. And more details of Builder Maggie/house renovation. If SC revealed them to you off course

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    Cool! I’m excited for the new changes. I really do enjoy playing. I hope in the next sneak peek we find out we can sell items we don’t use. (I’m looking at you, musical instruments! Lol)

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    I look forward to seeing her!
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    Another eggciting sneak peak!!! Loving it!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallChange View Post
    Hi Maggie!

    Nice to meet you ��

    I’m looking forward to browsing through your style book.

    Can you please tell me how we purchase the items and how you like to be paid

    Kind regards
    You can't really purchase any items (parts) per say. She will renovate / build things for a fee - coins, vouchers and some for diamonds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dove2017 View Post

    looks amazing !

    Any hints on what we need to unlock new styles? Barn tools? Diamonds? Tasks or achievements?

    i notice that she has a BOLT in her toolbox......

    thank you !
    Look my answer above. You won't unlock anything really. She will come to your farm once a week, stay there for some time during which you can ask her to renovate your farmhouse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gazzanga View Post
    Question: Will her workstation be permanent in the farm? (Since she only visit us once a week anyway) I mean do we need a space for it? Cos I will have to move around machines, etc.
    Her workstation is permanent yes, and it is in an area which is not normally playable. Like the neighborhood house, etc.


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    Hi Maggie, welcome to the Hay Day! ❤❤❤

    Thanks Nick and congratulate the team in my name

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    Wow. Amazing

    i am waiting..........

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    Great news!!! Oh and while she waits for paint to dry she can wander over and meet Angus. I would like her to also be my fishing helper.

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