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Thread: ☆Sunny Farms☆

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    Competitive Neighbourhood

    Friendly, Helpful, Chatty and Competitive Champions League Neighbourhood with 22 members from around the 🌎World🌎 at present.
    Members who are opted in to the 🏇Derby🏇 are required to do 9 tasks of 310+ points.
    If you are going to busy or do not wish to participate in the 🏇Derb🏇y, please opt out BEFORE the 🏇Derby🏇 starts on the Tuesday, it's only fair to the other members of the neighbourhood who are in the 🏇Derby🏇.

    Age 21+
    Farm join level 50+
    English speaking neighbourhood

    Neighbourhood Tag #2QGCGRGP
    Neighbourhood Emblem - Red Fox on a Green Shield

    🥇 58 Gold 🥇 🥈 41 Silver 🥈 🥉 22 Bronze 🥉
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    Hi there!
    I'm a level 77 regular player. I'm Swiss, but live in Italy.
    Any chance to join your NH?

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    Fresh Spawn
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    Jun 2018
    can I join? lvl 60

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