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Thread: Base mismatch (war compared to normal base)

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    Quote Originally Posted by samratulangi View Post
    Maybe SC should have a toggle button to sort our bases and opponent bases on offense or def in the war map, then this kind of complain thread can be reduced significantly

    Quote Originally Posted by frainlll View Post
    Mostly complains about match up was caused by war map ranked.
    We hope it could have an option by defense or by offense on the map.
    >80% players don't know the offense was already become big deal on matchmaking.

    Quote Originally Posted by KillenTime View Post
    I would rather see an option by total war weight. That way you can see what your position in your clan "based on total war weight" drew on the other side. You could easily see why perceived mismatches are happening. Then you can either reorganize your clan accordingly or coach mates on specific changes needed to remain a part of wars. It would also be intuitive to see if and why you are top heavy. I think this is how most casual players, even the very serious casual players that don't have time to look at the forum, view the rankings today. It would be good to understand what engineered bases are truly costing you in total war weight. In the current format they always come out smelling like a rose because they get 6 stars in wars hitting their perceived equal and even moving up. Great idea on the toggle switch to see different rankings.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    I also would like to see total and/or a switch to go back and forth between offense and defense. I would use it on my mini accounts to help me properly upgrade offense just like defense to do what is best according to the matchmaker. I doubt SC wants me doing that, but I would. I also think SC wants the defensive map order to be used for the more casual players to sort of decide where they should attack, not as a mirror, but easiest bases to 3 star are at the bottom and they get harder as you go up. That isn't always the case, but it is usually pretty close.
    I have to agree with 2222. Having a toggle between off/ def, is almost, but not quite, as bad as having full weight ordered.
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    What about rune of dark exilers and gold and exilers in Coc we don't get any of these till now

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