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Thread: 4x Loot Bonus....YEAH RIGHT!!!

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    The 4x war loot is a joke. One attack maxes out the Treasury storage. Poorly executed events like this one are a waste.

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    This is a thread you will never see a response from Darian on. They know very well that their loot is going to overflow on this event. They could do a 1000X event and not care because they dont have to give out the rewards. I am a max 11 working on only walls and im upset about the 35k dark elixer that I missed out on from my last war. Even if its only going to go to my troops for the next war it still matters to me.

    This just reminds me of a shady car dealer who gets you in the door with some advertised price only to rip you off in the fine print. Its just bad business...

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    Agree with most of the "It's unfair" sentiments, but think of a lottery winner with 50 million who has to "share" it with another winner.... they will usually be more concerned about the 25 million that they somehow "lost" than with the amount they got.
    (ok, so Banks don't put a limit on how much you can deposit)

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