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Thread: Loot balance after attacks

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    Loot balance after attacks

    In the post attack menu where loot gained is displayed it would be very useful if 'resources used' was shown so players can see the balance of the attack

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    Greetings. Please read the stickies before posting ideas, because your idea is ruled out. Also, in the Quick Train tab, they already show a summary of the last army you used.

    Battle Related:
    *Ability to filter matchmaking by resources or trophies available
    *Capture live attackers and have them reassigned to your own clan castle, army camps, or new structure
    *Bonus/award if attacker skips your village – partial payment to you on match fee
    *On Offensive Battle Summary include resource cost of troops/spells used
    *Ability to assign 5 or so of your own troops to defend Town Hall, same AI as CC, smaller radius
    *Ability to transfer a revenge to a clan member or public hitlist
    *Auto reset/repurchase traps if you win a defense (shield didn’t activate, still attackable)
    *Add a small chance to “Steal/Win/Replace” spells on an attack victory (suggest 3-star only)
    *Back button in matchmaking for accidental “Next” clicks – Perhaps cost double fee to return
    *Deactivate spell selection after casting to avoid multiple mis-casts, make user re-select if wanted
    *Add a 1-2 second spell casting cooldown to prevent unwanted multiple mis-casts

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