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    Nick de ce nu răspunzi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by What3ver76 View Post
    I'm using android 7.0 but I can't connect/login to my account with facebook any reason why or how long this will be down for before I can gain access? also my daughter plays this via facebook she can get access to her farm but can't connect and she only uses facebook as I don't want her to have a Google account yet due to her age, she is really upset that she can't play it at the moment

    I have the dame problema i have an android phone but i can't login with Facebook

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    What about andriod users and the facebook connecting problem isn't that going to be fixed soon ?

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    My devices are higher than iOS8 and I cant get to HD since the Update today. Any clues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustusSprings View Post
    My devices are higher than iOS8 and I cant get to HD since the Update today. Any clues?

    Try the App store directly -- under the Update option you should find Hay Day.

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    Kindle fire not connecting

    I can connect with my android phone but not with my kindle fire...grrr. Any ideas????

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    Facebook bağlantısı kaldırılıyor mu

    Merhaba. Supercelle Hay day'dan Facebook bağlantısını kaldırıyor diye söylentiler var bu doğru mu acaba detaylı bir bilgi alabilirmiyim

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