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    Quick question if anybody knows this... My CC can hold up to 4,2mil of gold and elixir and 21k of dark elixir, but my cwl 5 x times bonus is like 8mil of gold and elixir and 48k of dark elixir. Will I be able to get full bonus amonut of the resources or I will lose those extra amounts?
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    what the hell! 50k dark elixir... where do i put him!!!

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    This event is weird. Firstly, the loot issue that OP said and secondly, what about the players who can't play in CWL? It ends b4 CWL ends...confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShahabuddinBD View Post
    We want 5x clan Xp Bonous Event for 5th clan war anniversary.... Hip hip horry...

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    Very important, please read this.

    Please do during the anniversary of the clan wars, the capacity of the clan's fortress is also 5x more

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    5x loot & clan xp bonous for 5th clan war anniversary...

    Thank you supercell and clash of clan team for 5x loot & clan xp bonous for 5th clan war anniversary...But Where we Put This Loot bonous? Our tesuary is only 4.6M loot limit!!
    Funny but Happy ......

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    Clan war 5th year bonus- at an unfair time

    Are you serious supercell???

    Donít get me wrong a 5X bonus is amazing for us ALL. But how can we ALL celebrate it. Itís a limited days event and CWL is on which means either 15 or 30 members can benefit from the bonus. It only suits the cream of the crop who donít need to catch up as much. Why not do it during normal wars time so clan leaders are able to include more members to benefit. Not impressed

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    so so so correct...... what were they thinking?

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    The same what happen last time.

    It will not overflow beyond the capacity of our treasury.
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    This event will also affect your Loot and XP in CWL.
    Unfortunately, that exceeds the Treasury capacity.

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