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Thread: Ataques en base del constructor

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    Ataques en base del constructor

    Intenten que los ataques sean por bases de constructor, yo soy recien base del contructor nivel 6, y me salen nivel 7 con el megacañon y esa mendiga defensa de 4 disparos me destruye la maquina belica y también me salen de nivel 8 con la mega torre de tesla al 6 y al 5 de nivel, y el megacañon al 8 y en ese tipo de bases es imposible ganar, porque tienen las tropas en un alto nivel para mi, traten de anivelar el sistema de ataque

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    Welcome to the forums.
    Its a english only forum and you should post in english only to get respose.
    You can use google translate to help you post in english.

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    This is what I got from Google Translate:

    Attacks on the basis of the constructor
    Try that the attacks are by constructor bases, I am just base of the level 6 constructor, and I leave level 7 with the megacañon and that beggar defense of 4 shots destroys me the war machine and I also leave level 8 with the mega tower Tesla to 6 and 5 level, and megacañon to 8 and in that type of bases is impossible to win, because they have troops at a high level for me, try to level the attack system

    *Of course translate is not perfect

    Basically it's another 'bad matchmaking thread' and how the Giant Cannon and Mega Tesla is unfair.

    OP, I do agree that it sucks whenever you get matched with a player a level ahead of you, but your best bet is to go to the higher Builder Hall levels so you can compete with them, since the extra camp space and defense will help you so much in your attacks.
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