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    cat!! I have 3 cats.

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    On my farm, just farming!
    I love all animals, both great and small! Every animal is special in their own way!

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    Dogs if we are talking about pets.
    Elephants if we are talking about animals in the wild.
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    I like rabbit, but never had pets

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    Definitely dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimalsOfRoyalty View Post
    I love all animals, both great and small! Every animal is special in their own way!
    I’m like AnimalsOfRoyalty. I take care of orphaned and abandoned animals (domestic and wild). Each animal is amazing, and wonderful! I love them and my world revolves around each one.

    I thought I had drawn the line at poisonous snakes, but when my wildlife vet talked about operating on a dying copperhead, and the joy of saving his life, my initial thought of “What, are you crazy?!” dissolved as he talked about how amazing copperheads are. (I still never want to be near one, nor a Komodo Dragon.)
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    As pets, definitely dogs but otherwise I love most animals, not snakes though.

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