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Thread: Cloud Whisky's TH9 Farm base

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    Cloud Whisky's TH9 Farm base

    Greetings, It's Cloud Whisky

    I downloaded coc during my lunch break last Dec. Finished the tutorial but deleted the app right away...

    only to re-download it in January only coz I saw it on the Top Grossing at the app store.

    Figured I should give it a second try.

    Didn't bother to spend cash on gems for builders until late th8 only when I know I'm hocked on this game

    it's been a while since I rushed to th9, can't really recall the exact date but should be somewhere around March

    I was a premmie th9. Full pink wall with lv6 ish defense progress. (ie: Cannon AT all lv6 and teslas were all lv1)

    A bit of a struggle went through to get back to the game.

    But it sure was a bless.

    At my last stage as TH9, thought I should share my own base to you all th9 farmers

    I designed it and been using for a while. Serves pretty well

    well... picture is worth a thousand words, so here goes


    Buildings plug-in:

    Final layout overview:

    Sort of finished my walls, so now I'm just upgrading all my barracks while waiting for Town Hall.

    PS: I start my TH upgrades with Barracks simultaneously when I have around 15 walls left. Manage to upgrade some walls between upgrades gaps.

    Behind the scene:

    I took some screenshot while I was doing walls

    Thanks for viewing, cheers

    The following is my reply on the topic. include at once for easy read


    Thanks for the loves hehe

    Few clashers had already asked me if it's alright for them to copy my farm base, some of them even ask me where did I got the design from...

    So I reckon might as well share the blueprint to everyone who are in search for a decent farming base.

    Not saying it's the best one. Some of you already pointed out the Elixir Storages are a bit exposed. I actually find it quite secure and plays the role as the tank unity for Gold Storages fairly well. And the placement for the AD, is also a semi tank unity for WT, coz of the AD's high hit point.

    Someone said mass hogs could easily smash my base to ashes. Yup, it's true. I got a revenge once with lots of lots of piggies and I did not laugh coz it was brutal.... But again, no base is perfect especially against the type of army you aren't expecting to see in your trophy range.

    Regards on pink walls or any wall level below lavas... well, walls really are a big part of the defenses aye?

    As for the heroes. I did not includes them into the design is coz they are easily lure able and frankly it's sad to see them to be smash by couple barb and archers...

    Besides, purpose of farm base is to get free shield and occasionally hardcore attacks on the base. I prefer to let my defense do the talking in against the incoming enemies.


    Got several PM and I just wanna reply here at once, hope it would help anyone using BAM or wanted to try BAM.

    As for the method and such. I runs BAM, ranging from 1300 to 1700. And I do not use any spells.

    Goes up and down whenever I can't find much.
    Skip anything less than 200k within the first minute on search.
    Snap any easy-get loots if I come across.
    Smash any 200k storages after some amount of searching.

    For collectors bases.
    Use barbs as tank team for archers. Minions for straight angle mines or storages.
    Snap TH if it's exposed to stay in range.

    For storages bases.
    Use barbs and arch to clear out first layer of building including stuffs on the left-right. to ensure there will be a clear path for minions to fly in. If mortar is easily reachable. send barb from two direction and toss couple minions to break it before send in waves of barbs and archers. Same method applies to wizard tower. Keep 6 to 10 minions or CC in hand just incase you missed the mines at the edge or anything that didn't get destroyed. Don't use heroes unless u absolutely need to, keep them for tougher bases.

    If the base is beef up? SKIP IT, it's not worth the trouble.
    Who knows? maybe next one is an easy 300k collectors.

    My little advise, don't get greedy and gamble on your luck, more searches means more golds dump into waste.
    If you runs a fast build army like BAM, you can raid every 7 to 10 minutes depends on how many troops you used plus the troops you donated to your clan-mates.

    I know some folks using BAM, they tend to go easy with the amount of minions they carry.
    I do it differently. I just cook all 6 barrack none-stop. Donate whenever my clannie wants. And raid with whatever is in camp when it's full.
    I haven't had a problem with shortage on DE yet. I usually can make more DE than I used, plus the DE Drills helps.

    As for the idea on me gemming troops or gemming barrack.
    I don't use gems plus I don't really think gemming them will help you on farming.
    BAM is already a really fast build army, you need time to search for bases anyway.

    If you manage to do the above, raid 5 or 6 times per hour with 200k each raid.
    A million profit on gold per hour should not be a problem.

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    Lovely thing you got there!

    My favorite twist is the fact you opened second layer, it should force some very fun AI pathing.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Woop go Cloud!
    (blatant fan-boy)

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    Booming since November 2013!

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    What do you want to know?
    Awesome Cloud!

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    amazing stuff. Hope not many people copy your base after this farming would be harder even more.

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    Mr Lister The Sister Fister
    Amazing, well done Cloud
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    Yaaaaay, now farm those lighting walls next! haha
    Farming God

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    Such walls!

    any videos to go along with this?

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    Only The Best
    Off topic but I want to ask, How much do you play daily?

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    I would change to this right away if it had th inside..:/
    Awesome work cloud.
    157 level 11 walls
    5th december 2012

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