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Thread: TH11 base design

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red777 View Post
    Yeah the game is set up that ANY base can be tripled. The key is having a base that makes it very hard to do so apart from an excellent strategy and execution.
    Some very good points in the posts above OP... one more I will add is "time".
    (Apologies if I am teaching you to suck eggs).

    In my humble experience, you have to make the base just spread out enough that you are not diluting your point defence too much but not too close together.

    If the base is too compact, you are going to get minced by bowlers or HGHB.
    Too spread out and you'll get walked over by most armies.

    The trick is time... spacing buildings just enough to slow the attacking army down.
    When you get attacked, look at what slows the attacker down the most and try and replicate it over the whole base.

    If you get the balance just right, you will usually hold to a 90% 2 star or less.

    I also try and force the attacker in from one area and then stack the deck against a 2nd phase which will come after the ks push.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazybod View Post
    Recently copied 3 bases from our last war which we struggled on. So i'm set for the next 3 wars at least. All holding up well in friendly challenges, but eventually 2/3 have been cracked once they were hit enough and adjustments made.

    I truly agree with the "if someone executes, you are going to get 3 starred" comment
    We just faced a Vietnamese clan with 488 wins and a win streak of 63 (489 and 64 now) who tripled 6 out of 9 of our 109k bases, 5 on fresh hits and lost 62:68 in a 25v25 war, 97.04% total destruction. We ran 20/25 th11s.

    The enemy were awesome and hit us with multiple strategies, all tailored to the individual bases, no copy and paste of armies. Hogs,loons, bowi,miners.

    I would say are bases are pretty solid on the whole and we were not expecting such a slaughter.

    Also, WHF just scored a perfect war in a CWL match, which emphasizes the "if someone executes, you are going to get 3 starred" comment.

    OP, happy base building and clash on!

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