New Discord Server
Everything About GFX and Art

Note: Not sure if this is exactly the right sub-forum, but as this is for all games and has to do with art, I did it here.
EnderHunter8 and I have started this project a few days ago in the hope to give artists a place completely dedicated to their passion, to share their works and gain feedback. We will host art competitions from time to time and feature the best art in a weekly updated channel.
Each artist gets an own category in which only the artist himself can write. These categories are used as galleries. The amount of channels per artist category is theoretically unlimited, but artists are recommended to only use up to five.
Currently, we have five artists of which all of them do GFX art. We are still hiring new artists and looking for willed moderators. By interest of obtaining any of these positions, please send Ender or me a PM/DM, and we will discuss about each individual enquiry. Of course, non-artists are still welcome to join the server.