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    Operation Blue Skies....Possible Solution to Clouds!!!

    I think I have just figured out what SC is gonna do with their much awaited Project Blue Skies...
    I will put my idea in the end and here is the reason why I believe it is the only solution
    Any Incentive to players to help players push isn't going to solve clouds as those will be highly active players and will definitely remain more online than offline under any situation...

    So the Only Solution keeping in mind some of the comments made by Darian...
    1. The Solution has been discussed in The Clouds Control Thread
    2. They are going to limit the number of attacks one can do...
    So Here is the solution in my view...
    There will be bot bases which a person attacking will encounter instantly..
    The only problem with this idea is that it will potentially create wide trophy gaps between high trophy players...
    So, the Solution??
    Limiting the number of attacks
    Maybe I have one piece missing in my theory...
    That is, they also promised that trophy pushing will be skill based which if they do will also be great...
    But again they also promised that Th12 wouldnt be the same level grind but was it??

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    Feel like we are getting to the “why speculate, why problem solve” point. It’s coming in a month, whatever it is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paribodh View Post
    im sorry, whaaa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheClanimals View Post
    Feel like we are getting to the “why speculate, why problem solve” point. It’s coming in a month, whatever it is...
    Its been coming for several years. I will believe it when I see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinTheGodfather View Post
    Hi! Waiting in the clouds I just got another idea about the clouds.
    What about a priorization according on the number of daily attacks? This will result in a drastically decrease of the waiting times for the first few attacks. With each further attack the waiting times will become longer.
    As a result, it would be possible to make a 5-8 attacks per day very fast, than you must wait (even longer than NOW). What do you think?

    How in the world you can make 5-8 attacks quickly when people are looking 2-4 hours a village to attack. Last month I was in 5,7+ cups and longest looking took 7 retries (3,5h) and my clan mates had even longer searching times. Mediocre was around 1,5hours. What was intresting was that players in 5,5k searched for 1,5hours when others in 5,8k founded opponent under 30mins at same time.
    Last october in finnish clash my clan mate was over 6k and I was around 5,8k and in the last evening he found 3 villages and I found none, and we searched the same time, from 16 to 21.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinman610 View Post
    Its been coming for several years. I will believe it when I see it.
    the cloudsolution is sheduled for the next update in june. i dont expect that it is years away😜.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Our next update is tentatively scheduled for June. The details will be coming towards the end of this month. Any rumor sites posting "new content" are just that...rumors.
    something big is coming
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    At first thank you for this opportunity. Although i believe that u have already chosen ur way to go (especially when the update to fix the cloud issue will appear this year) i want to write down the minds i have on this.

    As next the cloud issue is part since i joined clash of clans in Nov'13 (or was 14?) just in other cloths. In that time there was the problem of always getting zero trophy offers. It was fixed by simply not getting those offers anymore and minimum trophys uve been able to win always and was replaced by clouds. Slightly different things but honestly based on the same reasons which the thread opener figured out greatly already. What i got from this post is, that there is no real solution to the problems of to many attackers for to less defenders out there. The proposed solutions discussed by him are far from satisfying. The cleanest solution would be to create a whole new system, which includes mostly the th12s (tbh there has to be a way that costs money that SC can earn sth) but ,also to be realistic, the whole league system belongs to the game since forever.

    I want to offer a proposal that gets the problem more proactively and not fixing around on sth that is not to fix.The only thing of this league system is to show who is the best player, the best clan. That's why it is too important, to big to fail or to take it away. In my oppinion a way better solution is to negate the importance by introducing a competetive system on top of it.

    After reaching a border within two weeks or so u get the possibility to take part in a ko tournament. With this single elimination u have one attack or more in a single fight within a day or so and winners go to the next round. The last 8 then will be invited to Poland or somewhere else on the world and battle the last rounds out until there is a champion. Those where also featured ingame and get a nice pricemoney.

    This will degrade the league system to a qualifier system.Who wants to be the best still has to put in a lot of effort into. Putting the threshold trophies not to high,just enables a lot of people to take part in such a system and not only those who can be online the whole day , but if they don't want to, they can still compete in the clouds. PvP is there, but restricted to once in a timeframe, so that there is no way to gem u on topp. In such a system it will be mandatory that u only can reach legend as th11 or up, nearly maxed out. The problem is still there but there is no real incentive anymore to be there. Also skill is in the end decisive, not those with a ♥♥♥♥load of money, who can effort immediatly the needed means after an update to be on top again.

    Now u can say that there will be still a lot of time to wait for sth. Indeed but this can be used to enjoy the great things on CoC. Clanwars, Clangames, basebuilding, talking to friends, taking care of their career as a pro player in Clash of Clans.

    just reduce importance of the whole cloud thing by introducing sth that shows really who is most complete player in the world. Maybe a region or whatever.

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    Project: Blue Skies

    After a break from the game and the forums I've came back and I've been hearing about project blue skies which is apparently coming in the june update. Just wondering what it is and if there is any information regarding it.

    Edit - Damn I didn't realise I've been here since 2017, time flies
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    only supercell knows and will tell us soon. sneak peeks are sheduled for end of may.

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    Darian is online, if he sees this in time maybe then we could get some new info...

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