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    Next Clan Games - March 23 - 27. Details inside!

    Here you go folks, details for the next Clan Games. And yes these are the final rewards...apologies for the constant updates last time.

    Start date: March 23
    End date: March 27
    Duration: 4 days

    Max Points per player: 3000

    Reward Tiers:

    Tier 1: 1500
    Clan XP: 10
    Rewards: 10 Gems or Resources

    Tier 2: 3000
    Clan XP: 20
    Rewards: 20 Gems or Resources

    Tier 3: 7500
    Clan XP: 40
    Rewards: Power Potion, Resource Potion, or Training Potion

    Tier 4: 12000
    Clan XP: 60
    Rewards: 40 Gems or Resources

    Tier 5: 18000
    Clan XP: 80
    Rewards: Book of Fighting, Book of Spells, or Book of Building

    Tier 6: 30000
    Clan XP: 100
    Rewards: Builder Potion x2 or Resources

    Tier 7: 50000
    Clan XP: 120
    Rewards: Book of Heroes, Ring of Walls x5, or 100 Gems
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    Nice rewards again, with a challenging 50k top target tier but only 2k cap per player Hmmmm
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    Nice rewards!!

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    2k per player again 😡

    Rewards aren’t good enough for small clans to push hard.

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    thanks for the info darian...I hope we have many active player for clan games so that we can reach 50000 tier

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    Max Points per player: 2000 ? Is this a typo ?

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    Going to be a tough one !

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    "Here you guy folks, details for the next Clan Games."

    i think u mean "here you go folks"
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    Nice rewards! Don't replace the books with potions as you did before

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    Thanks for the info Darian

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