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    I have Lost my account , someone hacked my account

    My Clash of clans account is hacked by someone and he changed its password and set two step verification in his mobile number. I want to delete that account because I know it's never possible to get back that account. It's TH9 max base please help me out someone...

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    Speak to in game support, no one here can help you.

    Edit - I'm guessing if he's changed your password then you can't access the account? Did you sell this account or click on a free gems link by any chance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gristy View Post
    Speak to in game support, no one here can help you.

    Edit - I'm guessing if he's changed your password then you can't access the account? Did you sell this account or click on a free gems link by any chance?
    Exactly ^
    And be sure to be prepared to answer some questions, since they are going to verify if it is your account.

    Let's not jump into 'Sure it was hacked?', since most of the time it (of course) was something completely different. I've yet to see a 'real' hacked CoC-Account. This won't lead anywhere useful.
    Let's aid him with directing him to the support and let them deal with his needs.
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    Hi OP. The best you can do is to report the incident to the sc support. Noone can help you here.

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    Is it your email, connected to the google play-account you play CoC with, that got hacked or did someone get access to that? Or did you maybe put your account information on their device to play when you didn't have your device at hand? I'm trying to see what could have happened, hence my questions.

    Unfortunately, as others have stated: nobody on the forums can help, this is a matter for SC support. Best of luck.

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    Report in supercell support or Google. You can't get any help on forums.
    Did you entered you password in any of the phishing sites? Or gave your password to someone. Usually nobody can hack a Google account so easily.

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    I have Lost my account , someone hacked my account

    Hello I am Harsh-ith
    My account has been hacked in this way:-
    someone unknown guy said he is not interested in coc anymore and he wanted to give away his account so he called me in a newly created clan and said his gmail ID and told to connect tat gmail in supercell ID of mine (i was not a user of supercell ID i had only Gmail connected with my village) so now i have logged out from tat supercell id and later then i was unable to log into my account it got reset and then when i clicked on google play to connect it recognized my account but i need the Supercell ID and OTP verification which is sent to the hackers email. SO now i am unable to log in. pls help supercell and forum guys!!!
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    He didn’t hack your account, you gave it to him. All he did was tell some lies you wanted to hear.

    It’s a scam, it relies on your greed and willingness to break the TOS by sharing (taking over) another person’s account, and your ignorance of SC ID (despite ready availablity of FAQ and other means to clarify what it is before trying it). You willingly put his email address into your Clash account, thinking you would get a (nonexistent) base. He’s fairly likely in the process of selling your base to some other person for real world money, so another one scammed with the help of their own willingness to break the TOS.

    Only SC Support can assist you with this. Use the out of game contact form in the sticky above - if you are lucky they will help without punishing you, as you were only willing to break the TOS rather than succeeding at it. Be ready to verify ownership of the account by having full and precise details on not only things like the th and experience level, but also things only the owner could know like the exact start date and details of first gem purchase (if any).
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    Bro were can i contact supercell out of game

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    I would not contact them with this issue in game with another account. They might ban that one too. You are probably going to have to write this account off. Learn from your mistake. We all have too learn, usually the hard way. I hope it wasn't a TH11.

    You can go to that subforum to contact them out of game:

    Quote Originally Posted by harshigovada View Post
    Bro were can i contact supercell out of game
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