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    Hacked Supercell ID

    Some gave one connected his supercell id with my Google account and now I cannot access my village. I am upset. In game message isn't working.

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    its not hacked. it is scammed. sounds like someone offered you his village using his email account during regustration process of supercell id.

    you have to deal with the ingame support.
    first step for you is to opt out from supercell id. cant tell you if it works if you are not logged into the supercell id.

    if doesnt work than you will have to go through your one time account recovery.

    it should look like this.

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    wow 1,000 replys

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    Account got hacked

    someone hacked my account and linked it with supercell I'd... can't log in into it through my play games account.... I have no longer access to it... please kindly help me... I tried to get help through the game but all I got are automated replies...
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    The only way for someone to link a village with a supercell Id is for that person to be logged on to your village, enter the screen for adding SC ID, adding an email address and filling in the code that's sent to that email.

    Nobody here on the forums can help with account related issues. Your only course of action should be to contact SC Customer Service... in the sparky responses you can choose 'talk with an agent' or something (usually way down the list of possibilities, at the bottom). Do that and explain the situation.... and pray you get someone who's willing to check. That is: if you didn't give your information to someone else to use it for your account... which is against the ToS

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    sorry dude. maybe you should have linked it with supercell id first.

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    I should tell my wife that my credit card got hacked when she finds me spending money on gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken1374 View Post
    I should tell my wife that my credit card got hacked when she finds me spending money on gems.
    That's more plausible then the OP's claim.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    I went through the SuperCellID process a few days ago and it was really easy and fast. A code lock on my phone prevented my cousin brother from registering HIS address...

    The “hacker” was somebody you knew or somebody offering you free gems, right?


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    My Account is Hacked

    Hey Guys I gave my Account (PapaIsik in Clan Lalat Hitam Lv9) a Guy and he kicken all guys in my clan and break up all my Updates. I changed one time the Supercell ID and I cant change it a second time.. what can I do?

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