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    Unfortunately nobody here can help you. We do not have any access to game files. You must contact supercell support to resolve your problem.
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    My COC account was hacked

    My COC account was hacked by some one
    Some one made his supercell id with my account
    And now when i login with my gmail account it says that i need super cell id and password
    Please bring my village back

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    Help me

    Long story short Iím in the United States. And thereís some accessing my account Iím not sure either Iran or Ukraine. I used to live somewhere else and made the account and I forgot to logout from cousins device and I think he gave it to someone since Iíve noticed thereís changes in base, new raids, less troops or different level upgrades, even clan changes. This is unacceptable and Iíd like to do anything to get him out So I contacted support and gave them details
    They locked the account He tried signing in it gave a verification code to the email but he doesnt have access to it so he canít come back but the account is locked, and she/he said contact us from in-game but I canít get through the bot to talk to a agent Well he doesnít have access to the email so Iím safe. And I can login but the account is now locked so I canít get in And I canít get through the bot

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    Unfortunately, we can't help you. Keep hitting that 'Contact Us' button. Eventually you will get through to someone.

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