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    Unfortunately nobody here can help you. We do not have any access to game files. You must contact supercell support to resolve your problem.
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    My COC account was hacked

    My COC account was hacked by some one
    Some one made his supercell id with my account
    And now when i login with my gmail account it says that i need super cell id and password
    Please bring my village back

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    Help me

    Long story short Iím in the United States. And thereís some accessing my account Iím not sure either Iran or Ukraine. I used to live somewhere else and made the account and I forgot to logout from cousins device and I think he gave it to someone since Iíve noticed thereís changes in base, new raids, less troops or different level upgrades, even clan changes. This is unacceptable and Iíd like to do anything to get him out So I contacted support and gave them details
    They locked the account He tried signing in it gave a verification code to the email but he doesnt have access to it so he canít come back but the account is locked, and she/he said contact us from in-game but I canít get through the bot to talk to a agent Well he doesnít have access to the email so Iím safe. And I can login but the account is now locked so I canít get in And I canít get through the bot

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    Unfortunately, we can't help you. Keep hitting that 'Contact Us' button. Eventually you will get through to someone.

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    I want to change my supercell id

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhruvyadav View Post
    I want to change my supercell id
    contact the ingame support and request "opting out from supercell id" after that you can save your village with a new supercell id.
    Contact In/Out of the Game

    E-Mail Contact Form

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    My th10 was hacked!!!!!

    Yesterday Evening, I Finished Upgrading My Last Wall Piece I Was Focussing On Pushing Trophies Then. Almost Near To Legends. Today, I Wake Up To An Unexpected Heart Breaking Incident. I Got Logged Out Of SuperCell ID. It Showed Me A Warning Sign And Then When I Tried Clicking It, It Showed Me SuperCell ID Expired Error. When I Tried Logging In Again, It Showed Me Game Account Not Found Error.
    I Had Built Up My Clan April This Year. Was The Leader There. I Woke Up To This - Leadership Transferred To A Random Person In Clan. Who Wasn't Even Elder And My Account Left The Clan To Join A Random One.

    I Already Tried To Make A New TH2 Account And Contact SuperCell... It Didn't Work Out For Me... I Tried The "Lost Game Account" Option, But, It Just Didn't Work Out... The BOT Always Replies With "Unable To Find Your Account." Even Though I Could Find It Easily And I Provided The Same Details About It... Then, I Tried Using "What Else Can We Help You?" Option... Here, No Matter Whatever I Say, The BOT Just Replies With "Welcome To SuperCell Automated Support. Please Select An Option Below" ��

    And I Can't Seem To Get Into Contact With An Actual Human. I Tried Contacting Through Email, And They Just Told Me To Contact In Game.

    How Did My Account Suddenly Get Removed From Its Supercell ID, and Now Someone Else Is Using My Account. I Only Use My Account On Two Devices, Both Of Which Are Only In My Access, And The Event Happened Overnight, As In, Before I Slept, I Was Able To Access The Account

    Can Someone Give Me Tips On How To Get Into Contact With A Living Person, So I Can Get The Help of Support To Regain Access To My Account, And Also So I Can Become The Leader Of My Clan Again.

    Does Anyone Have Any Guesses Or So As To How My Account Could Have Been Hacked and Why?

    Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any Tips Would Be Great.

    Edit: I Think The Links I Provided Did Not Work. In The First Two Paragraphs, I Added A Little Color To Some Of My Words, In Which When You Clicked On It, A Link To A Picture Of My Problem Would Be There. The Color Never Appeared Though.
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    Well true "hacking" of accounts is very rare - never actually heard of it in this game. Not saying it couldn't happen, but most of the time, it's from giving someone access intentionally or by accident through losing account information through putting information on a third-party website or losing a device.

    In any case, the only thing you can do it contact SC support. We cannot help you on forums. You can do it ingame like you've tried, or out of game here:

    If none of this works, I'm afraid you're probably out of luck. :[

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    Ill Try Everything, I Still Do Not Know How My Account Was Hacked.

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