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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    I just see me calling us crazy.
    It was a big hint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3enji View Post
    I'm not worried nor do I need reassurance about an "imaginary" th12. I was simply asking an innocent question whether or not I would be affected by a new town hall. Thank you for your time.
    If a new th level is released then the only noticeable affect on a th8 is that the new max th level will be able to destroy even faster than a current max 11 can 😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry8cooper View Post
    This would be interesting. I can't really count the problems it would cause to introduce that in the game at the current state - but actually I like the idea.

    - Would a base with only archers unlocked - but maxed - be rolled back to whatever trophy count achieved and the corresponding available archer lvl for instance?

    - Similarly - would existing defense be rolled back/removed if the appropriate trophy count isn't achieved.

    - Would permission to use certain level of something be dynamic - so if you lose trophy you lose your cool new defense structure?

    - And would this forum explode in rage if such drastic change came around?

    But the concept of pushing to achieve the means of further pushing. I like it.
    In order for this to work it would require a complete reset of the game meaning everyone would need to start from scratch.

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