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Thread: battle ship (with pictures )

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    Lightbulb battle ship (with pictures )

    since the defence has gear-up then some similar could be implemented for offence

    introducing battle ship

    level 1 unlock at th12 this will carry 1 army camp of builder base troops

    the battleship has no heath and does not count towards destruction %

    like in the BB it will auto train troops without any cost but will take 10min instead of one

    the battle ship troop will appear after the clan castle and it can be recognised by the green swap symbol

    like in the builder base they can be swap with any troops

    as soon you start a battle you can no longer swap

    this will add new dynamics and strategy into the game.
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    Sorry op but how effective would bb troops be when attacking for example a max th11 plus lots of players dont even play bb so your idea would be no good for those players although i think having a battleship is a interesting idea though maybe somthing more like the one on boom beach would be better from a tactical point of view and one every player could benifit from
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    Looks legit!! But it could be overpowerd because the bh 8 ones will use Supper.pekka and wreck you. Moreover, It will also affect matchmaking because some low level th may have high level builder troops and that makes it annoying. Though it is well put together this is its problem.😊😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by SABINDAHALLILADAHAL View Post
    ...It will also affect matchmaking because some low level th may have high level builder troops...
    this is not an issue because of

    Quote Originally Posted by fozage View Post
    ...unlock at th12...
    so it wont matter about lower th

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrlk View Post effective would bb troops be when attacking...
    i think they will be very effective, for example: comparing boxer giants at lvl 16 (2,789hp and 70dps and 700 fist hit) and regular giants at level 8 (1,440 hp and 114 dps) so more hp but less dps


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    Yes i agree

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    Good idea,this will encourage more people to play bh.

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    I like this idea, not everyone does play bh, but it would encourage people to play bh. I think that there should be more connections from the builder base to the main base other than gearing up your defenses. The only problem is that a low lvl th with a high lvl bh could wreck every base with a super pekka or with night witches, but if there was a certain town hall you could unlock them at then that problem would be resolved.
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    Nice idea, But the downside of this is a lot people don't play BB... Should be something that helps everyone.
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    This would really work!! And the bb troops wont be overpowering cuz ur only using one army camp l, and they dont have too many troops.
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