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  • High School

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  • 2 Year College

    3 9.38%
  • 4 Year College

    4 12.50%
  • Graduate/Post Graduate Degree

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Thread: What is your education level?

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    What is your education level?

    I find it fascinating that so many intellects play this game. There are many brilliant players on this forum, so I am curious to know what your education levels are (academic levels are not always indicative of intelligence, but it would be interesting to see an average). This poll is anonymous.
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    I am from Austria and I don't know what you mean with:
    High school
    2 year college or 4 year college

    we have a complete different school system :-)

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    I am from Holland. Total different system! I have had six years of "high school" four years "teacher school" plus two more years extra training before i started to work as a Maths teacher...

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    From Europe also. So, 4 years of economy University with a Diploma. Whats that in U.S. Terms? First Degree?

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    Another European here

    My case (PhD) is pretty clear, but I kind of wonder... What we have here is:
    - high school diploma (9-12 years depending on the programme and the student)
    - Bachelor Degree (4 years in the university) aka undergraduate degree
    - Masters Degree (+2 years in the university) aka graduate degree
    - PhD (no standard timeframe) aka postgraduate degree

    with all that in mind, what is “2 year college”?
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    Rackoo, in the US the 2 year college degree, also known as an Associates of Arts (AA) or Associates of Science (AS), is basically the college course to set one on the correct path to continue for their Bachelor Degree. A good bit of the classes are prerequisites for higher level classes.

    That being said, now there are many jobs that need specialized training where a 2 year program is necessary, but a 4 year degree, while beneficial, is not required for the job. I hope that made sense.

    I will say that much has changed since my upper level education, and that in many places ‘College’ and ‘University’ are completely different. One’s career path will determine which will work the best, I think.
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    Op your poll needs tweaking to get accurate feedback i could put high school for my education however that wouldnt give a true answer as i never got any qualifactions because back when i was in school it was a whole different time and world and many kids like myself left school early to get any available job to help our families yup just shown my age now lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rackoo View Post
    what is “2 year college”?
    A college dropout? ☺

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    I'm a college student with an Associates in Arts, now going for a degree in American Sign Language. I'd fill out the poll but I didn't want my education to be too general

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