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Thread: Purchasing shop for tools with diamonds.

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    Cool Purchasing shop for tools with diamonds.

    I would love to see hay day have a separate shop to be able to purchase tools when ever you need them. like have a separate shop where you can go on there and purchase tools with diamonds whenever you need them. still keep where you can purchase with coins from other players, but also have the separate shop where if you don't want to have to search for them in the newspaper you can just go and purchase then with diamonds. Thank You. Make it where all tools are available for purchase town tools, expansion tools for barn and silo, and land expansions tools as well.

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    But you can already do this.

    Sure, there is no "shop" for it, but if you click to upgrade your barn and you don't have enough planks, bolts and / or tapes, there is a button there where you can buy the missing items using diamonds.

    If you want a separate shop which offers the items for fewer diamonds, well I don't think SC have any incentive to provide this.

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