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    What would you do if you get 20000 gems?

    I'd faint cuz I haven't ever gotten above 7000 gems. F2P fo' life😎.
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    Probably ignore them like I do with the gems I have now. I really only use them for boosting troops, so nothing would change.

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    I don't know, but one of my F2P accounts is starting to edge north of 10 000 gems and I still haven't found a place to spend them, lol

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    No wonder there are so many Archers, the Queen spends most of her time on her back.
    Nothing special. I have 17K on my TH11 and only really use them for boosting and gemming a few hours of hero time for war.

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    I have saved up 7.5K gems so far, I have been using the gems only for Army boosts. I would say best way to spend the gems would be using them on completing hero upgrades especially AQ. Since you are going to using her more for both war and Farming. Defence I don't mind loosing 50 Trophies or 3K DE. Still if you do more war then there's the bottle neck. I feel spending 999 gems for Hero's is way better than other stuffs.

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    Ive had like 14k gems for over a year now. I only used some to finish my heroes a little early last update, when my DE was full. I'm an almost max TH11, minus new traps and walls, so no rush to do anything right now, as I don't really war anymore either. I would spend some gems to push, but the clouds in legend are frustrating and it's not worth it. Hoping when TH12 comes out, I have a reason to use some gems again.

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    Become max everything - except for walls of course.

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    Use them as book of heroes..gem hero upgrades

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    I'd store them with the other 27,538 I have as a free to play player. The only things I ever spent gems on were the extra builder huts. No boosting for me. No participating in 1-gem events either. It only took 3 years to get a max TH11 without using gems to speed up the process (and this was before there were books). Unless they add more permanent account upgrades (which is they way I view builder huts) that can be purchased with gems, I will continue to store them and never use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenaciousTJ View Post
    I'd faint cuz I haven't ever gotten above 7000 gems. F2P fo' life��.
    I have about 5K gems I only use them every now and then for boosting the barracks, but now since the training potions is around I don't use them much...

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