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    boost to max on my alt
    TH12: Maxed | TH11: Maxed | TH11 Engi: Maxed walls x)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angeljls View Post
    Become max everything - except for walls of course.
    20k gems isn't nearly enough for that sadly. I have quite a few stockpiled but I'm being stingy with them and trying to use them sparingly only when in a pinch. Basically just when I'm sitting on max loot with no builders available.

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    2k gems same old stuff.
    Gem war army, boost barracks and collectors, all that stuff. Don't find gems that useful in the game anymore.

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    Id upgrade 20 walls and upgrade poison spell to finally be maxed th8.

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    The same thing we do every night, Pinky

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    Nothing i guess. Im nearly maxed. Wouldnt do much of a difference.

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    Probably get myself closer to a maxed lab. I only have some small things to upgrade and with some boosts and gemming time I'd be able to finish some lot of upgrades in record time.

    I used 3 books to finish 3 levels of pekka. Lvl 3 - 5 and upgraded again to 6. That in just 2 days. 18M elixir, yes. Boost potions and laloon in masters 3, dropping with gobs every once in a while.
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    I would throw the 20K gems to Trader's face and ask him to never come to my village anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erethizon View Post
    I'd store them with the other 27,538 I have as a free to play player. The only things I ever spent gems on were the extra builder huts. No boosting for me. No participating in 1-gem events either. It only took 3 years to get a max TH11 without using gems to speed up the process (and this was before there were books). Unless they add more permanent account upgrades (which is they way I view builder huts) that can be purchased with gems, I will continue to store them and never use them.
    That is awesome!!! 5 years playing this game, and I only bought 1200 gems once. Only manage to save it up till 9000++ gems. To think there is a f2p manage to save 27K++ gem. Really blow my mind

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    I would have 27400 gems.

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