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    We want a diamond confirmation button

    Why no one from the support responses this?? Is it so hard to get a diamond spending confirmation button? Say something to this topic if you agree!

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    I agree

    And the refusal to acknowledge this request in any way is very poor customer service. It feels like you secretly cheer when we accidentally spend our real money by mis clicking or accidentally clicking. Not very nice.

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    Yes! I agree sooo annoying when u accidentially hit the speed up thing. I think that is their plan though, they want us to spend diamonds so we have to use our own $$$ to get more!

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    Confirm Button..

    I read somewhere on these post where someone mentioned wanting a confirm button.. I concur!! Too many times I've accidently bought an unwanted item from someones stand but accidently tapping the pic.. on accident!

    A confirm button would be great! : )

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    I've probably spent 20 diamonds on accident.

    Working as intended.
    Nothing makes you elite

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    Confirmation for high diamonds?

    AGREED. I especially hate losing 10+ diamonds at a time on trees/bushes bc they take so frigging long and my silo is overflowing with them anyway. Wouldn't mind it so much if it happened to jams or cakes or something...

    SC, if you must take our diamonds away easily, just do it for low cost things, but not for 10, 20 at a time... maybe conf button if the diamond cost is over 10?

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    I couldn't agree more! Such a sneaky way to get us to spend money! Don't know how much longer I will play...

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    I agree as well!

    I just had two incidents that I did this in two days because I double tapped on an item by accident, who knew this would cause a speed up diamond spend?!

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    I am positive this is intentional. There are other games that do the same type of thing. It is completely possible to avoid accidentally spending diamonds, but we are human and make mistakes, and this game and others will capitalize on that.

    I've spent diamonds by accident. It was always my fault. I've also bought eggs by accident while in playing in bed, too tired to notice my finger was tapping a stack of eggs. The latter bothers me more than the former. lol

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