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Thread: Weather Changes

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    Weather Changes

    weather changes
    I want in the home village and builder base added day and night as well as the changing weather climate like rain, snow, spring, and bad weather, storms, tornadoes, snow storms, earthquakes and others.

    that's it I hope I have someone agree

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    Not needed op we have night time in bb and daytime in the main its what make those bases different to each other and as for your weather requests with the size of the game already i would rather see supercell add things that improve the gameplay and to be honest lots of people complained when supercell added lots of snow a few years ago as it made attacking very tricky thats why snow got reduced to next to nothing the last couple of years
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    I mean guys, noon-night can change over the passage of hours, for example if play COC his night in the home village also come into the night, if afternoon also come into afternoon also his village ........ so ......

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