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Thread: Need war attack strat

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    Need war attack strat

    Hello guyz this is mishal,
    I do have a th6 account and its in war.
    Can anyone suggest a perfect 3 star war attack for th6.
    It is a max th6.

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    Senior Member dude2050's Avatar
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    giant healer search it up on youtube

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    Is there any other strategy for th6??
    Rather than Giant healer??

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    50 archers, 20 loons, 2 heal spells, max hogs in the cc. Use the archers to lure and kill the cc troops, then drop the hogs near the air defenses and wiz tower, use the heal spells to keep the hogs alive while they take out the main air defences. After that, send in the loons, spread them apart, i typically drop 2-3 per defence. Drop the remaining archers wherever needed.

    This strategy works nearly every time for every base. The only time I've had it fail is when the hogs get launched by spring traps, and even then the loons can usually overpower a base if you deploy them properly.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks a lot its very help full😍

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