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Thread: Clan for clan games

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    Clan for clan games

    Hi, I'm a Th6 looking for a clan for clan games. Not looking for charity, I will fill the 3000 point cap and since my troops wont be worth much for donation I have another Th9 acc I can use for donation to further help your clan. After clan games if you want,Ill leave

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    th7+ warring clan looking for active members for back to back wwar

    Do you like warring? Do you like WINNING? Do you like WAR LOOT? We might just be the clan for you!

    Times Up!! is looking for people who are willing to dedicate themselves to learning more about the game and love Clash of Clans as much as we do. We welcome farmers and people who love to war. We offer a competitive war environment where we have plenty of coaches willing to help people improve their skills, whether it be farming or wars. We love sharing our replays and advising on how you could have gotten more farm loot or how you could have 3 starred in that clan war.

    When one war ends, we tend to begin our search the following day at about 9-10 PM EST. We're always searching. If you're upgrading queen/king or spell factory go ahead and opt out. No big deal to us. On non war days our clan is casual and fun, we have plenty of players available to donate, and we have a variety of bases if you need to practice attacks. We're all willing to help each other get better.

    We don't have many rules but here are some just because we have to demand consistency:

    - We don't have a hard donate ratio, but use your common sense, nobody likes freeloaders

    - No blatantly rushed TH bases, beyond the point of being able to handle what they're given to attack as a "mirror" in war

    - You need to make your first war attack within the first 12 hours (unless otherwise advised not to by a leader), especially if you're in the lower half of the clan war. And you need to make your 2nd attack before there are less than 6 hours left on the war clock. This is not a hard rule either, we'll make exceptions, we just ask that you communicate with us.

    Most of us are adults with real jobs, we have no age requirements or anything like that, just looking for people with the right attitude! Please feel free to request an invite to our clan saying you're from the forums.

    From your Leader, Zaki

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    LEVEL 9 Clan Recruiting for Active Clan-mates in Clan Games and WARS

    DA Boat Racers # QYOO89UP
    -Members are international, but mostly based in US
    -We love to goof off & have fun, but we are also serious about war. We like to WIN.
    -We value giving & receiving feedback so we can all stay at the top of our game.
    -We consist of adults or mature enough teen that understand how COC is played.
    -We war always, but understand when you might need or want to opt out of some WARS. Just ask that if you are put in a WAR that you are prepared,ready and able to use both your attacks. - We have a TH11 level 180 with MAX Troops and Spells who donate 7000 plus troops each month to clan mates. We do help each other with great donations and ask anyone level 50 of above to have a donation ratio of 1:2 and any one lower thsn level 50 to donate at least 100 troops per month
    Join us ... - Join to help us MAX in Clan Games ( We have 11 now who always MAX score and unlock 5 tiers, we want to grow our clan mates until we are always unlocking all tiers.) - Join to help in WARS - Join to have Fun, Get Stronger, Chat, and Give and Receive DONATIONS♥

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    #pvuyclr8- Terror Lvl 11- Competitive Th9 wars


    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clan. Put "MD" in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders. Kik username caneheat. Discord - Caneheat#1528

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    Clan gamesmanship

    hi bud 👋🏻
    You are more than welcome to join us for clan games. We are concentrating on games and farming. We are all adults just playing for fun.
    Try us out Merc astra #QVYLQQPC. And no one will ask you to leave. That would be your choice

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    Hi, we are Wolfgang #GYVQLUUP (level 6), we are having wars twice a week with mostly th9-th7 and looking for more players to help with wars and clan games. We don't have any special requirements about th and wars are optional.
    Wolfgang #GYVQLUUP level 9 clan
    ymre #PQJYVUVG8 th10 38/40

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    Hello there. we have our regular clan games visitors. Come join us for the next one. We always reach the top tier.

    Nox Paradox

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronx1995 View Post
    Hi, I'm a Th6 looking for a clan for clan games. Not looking for charity, I will fill the 3000 point cap and since my troops wont be worth much for donation I have another Th9 acc I can use for donation to further help your clan. After clan games if you want,Ill leave
    Feel free to drop by. You are more than welcome.
    We are all adults having fun playing the game

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    Reddit Zenith (#VPVPC080) is a feeder clan for level 14 RCS verified clan Reddit Zen. This is the perfect environment for TH6-9 to start your coc social warring scene. We provide a great foundation for war attacks which helps your continued progress to Reddit Zen (#22J8ULLL).

    We have a full-clan war every weekend with two optional midweek wars. Don't feel intimidated if you don't think you're good enough - everybody starts somewhere and we're happy to help all members. We do take wars seriously and require thought out attacks, and viable 3 star armies. So while future members must be willing to take advice (or give advice if they're already proficient! It's all a team effort), we try and keep it fun in a low pressure environment. Although this is a new clan (level 5), we happily have a win/loss record of 37/7.

    We are an international clan. The majority is in the US, but we have members all over the world. We have met the maximum goal on every clan game so far, including the large 75k games and the builder games. We appreciate active members who donate troops and participate in the clan games.


    Town Hall 6-9. Non-rushed or slightly rushed bases accepted, with members working towards maxing their base.
    Activity requirement is 500 donations OR requests per season.
    We also use Discord for communication and calling war bases.

    Join our Discord for more information.

    How to apply: Apply in game with 2 passwords: 1. the Reddit Clan System password AND 2. the password found in the Reddit Zen war rules page.

    Any questions? Send a message to me, check into our Discord or via moderator mail at!

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    Blood Eagle is an Adult Clan looking for active members. We WAR continuously and are always looking to add strong members.

    -Use both attacks in war.
    -Play Clan Games

    We’re relaxed and like to have a good time. Join us and build something strong!


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