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Thread: Trader offers - Any pattern or probability

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    I think it ran on probability thing. The chancrs of seeing book offered must be quite low. I even got the same things offered for 2 straight days and today I was offered wall rings which I seen thst 2 times before already.

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    Would love to buy a hero book for 500 gems and be a th10 with 40/40 royals asap but no luck here.No hero book offer in any of my 5 accounts.Just getting training potion +resource potion+Power potion/Builder potion/wall rings/BoF/BoS. in all of my accounts.Seems like first two slots are constant and only third slot varies.

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    Maybe the trader will think of business..
    And sell stuff which is popular in high quantity

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    Mine have been all the same for the last 3-4 days. Except for today when the ring of walls was swapped for a book

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    Haven't gotten any book yet. I think it's random but I am always offered the best deal in the game (ring of walls).

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    here same thing, no book of heros at all. i would love to buy it too��. but lots of wallrings...never going to buy this one.

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    This thread is getting kinda old, and there are older ones about this item, if someone keep tabs:

    Wall rings were known to come at 400 gems for 2 rings, I just got an offer today at 900 gems for 5 wall rings- fyi.

    The offers do change but revolve around the same items either that i am at capacity (power potion, resource potion, books) or one time a free item (training potion), and 3 times walls, including this last one (never 2 wall offers at same time).

    PS: i spent gems for a builder potion for 285 gems on first day of Trader to check it out, not spending there anymore, i’ll rely on games where my clan(s) have always maxed and me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anuj1 View Post
    First two things remain same only third changes
    Same here. I started with all 3 potions -- training, resource, power. training and resource potions are always constant. I have seen Book of Heroes (don't need and wouldn't buy), 2 wall rings (twice) and now 5 wall rings alternate in the other spot. At least the resource potion did change from costing gems to free one of the days.
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