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Thread: Can games

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    Exclamation Can games

    Would you rather be able to do two challenges at once, like get 500% in regular base and win 3 battles in regular base
    so you can complete multiple challenges at once. And do you think the goal should be more than 3k? Comment below! Plz answer these questions

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    Um, wrong forum? This is the war forum, I think we mostly think the clan games are a distraction from war ... perhaps there needs to be a games forum!
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    Clan games are actually just as good as clan wars, in fact u get better rewards from games

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    I wouldn't mind trying 2 challenges at once..... Work on one base while troops are training on the other base.

    I would like to see then individual max points limit removed. People who have more time can contribute more points. We have working adults in our clan and not everyone has the time to max 3000 points. We don't have freloaders who only do 1 challenge to reap max rewards.

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    You can have two challenges at once already just get a second account!

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    There should be a 5th box for none of the above. Mind numbing challenges. Bases becoming even more rushed due to insta upgrades. Half your clan doing 1 challenge to receive full benefits. Sooner they put clan challenge on the back burner, the better.
    Better still, move it to the build a bear base. They belong together.

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