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Thread: 🌺 🌺 comply or die 🌺🌺

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    🌺 🌺 comply or die 🌺🌺

    Hi guys, we are currently looking for a few new players to join our lovely NH.


    Our tag. #98PRCJQ8
    NH leader Dolly. #8GGV8QRU0

    Normal Derby 10 x 320.
    Themed Derby’s 10 x 320/400
    Bingo Derby’s 10 x 320 (3 lines)
    Mystery Derby. 10 x 400
    Power Derby. 19 x 320

    About us.
    Very helpful players, currently looking for new farmers, level 65 and above.

    We are a medium sized NH, looking for nice/happy/helpful players.
    We put maximum effect into derby, and always give it our best shot every week, which normally results in a top three place.

    All we ask.
    Opt out of derby if you have a busy week or are unable to complete all tasks in a reasonable time.

    Adults only please, with good communication.

    Be polite and helpful to others, and most of all enjoy getting to know your new mates.

    29 gold 18 silver 13 bronze.

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    Becksboo, deleted u by mistake, please retry next derby

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    I will happily join your neighbourhood

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    Ok, that’s nice to here, my tag no #8GGV8QRU0, hood tag #98PRCJQ8 look forward to welcoming you to the hood. Dolly.

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