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Thread: Itís just a game

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    Itís just a game

    Hi, please call me Gary.
    I am in search for a stress free neighborhood, English speaking. I live in China so would be good to be in a similar time zone as those in the hood. Iím am currently at level 81. I look for a neighborhood that is also friendly and likes a bit of banter. I am Not looking for a Derby motivated hood, although I do like to choose to be involved if and when I have time.

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    Hi Gary, we have people all over the world in our neighborhood. Currently 4 in or close to your time zone.
    If youíre still looking for a neighborhood consider us.

    Looking for active players that like to derby or like the town and are willing to help others.
    If you donít want to derby thatís fine just donít opt in. Can opt in and out of derby from week to week.
    Communication would be nice but not a necessity. We have a lot of derby talk and help each other out when we can.Hereís a little about us.

    Prefer English speaking players.
    22 currently in our neighborhood
    Have neighbors from around the world so someone is usually on.
    Weíre serious about derby but not obsessed. In championship league. We are more about the horseshoes. We always get all our horseshoes. If we place great if not that's ok also. Sometimes we do go for trophies if it looks like we are in the running that week.
    Everyone that participates in derby must pull their own weight or you will be opted out next time. Finish 9 tasks, minimum of 2500 points is the goal we asks players to shoot for.
    Currently in championship league.
    We trash tasks below 300 but sometimes relax that to trash below 290 or 280.We allow reserving ahead 1 task.
    We currently have 13 active derby players with a few others that opt in and out depending on the week.
    Like those in derby to try to complete all challenges. Extra task is not required.

    We have lots of family connections in our neighborhood.

    We have others in neighborhood just not in derby

    Currently levels 30 to level 126
    town players: levels 12 to 39

    Neighborhood name : BALLROOM ROCKERS

    If you have questions please ask.

    Check us out and come join us in building a fun, helpful neighborhood.

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    Hi, I have searched and found Ballroom rockers with 22 members. However the tag you have given is different to the one you have provided. I do not want to join the wrong one ��

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    Hi Gary, we are in the champions league, English speaking looking for new members for the hood, we are level 89 and level 94, 9+ min 310 10th task optional, opting out is fine, we are also happy to take a few people who like doing the town, but not particularly bothered about the derby. We are british, not in the same time zone I know, but never found it a problems in previous hoods we have played in. Anyway if your interested please check out Comply or Die (famous horse) not the way we play, lol tag no #98PRCJQ8 green horse on purple background. Thanks for taking the time to read this Dolly x

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    Hi there
    Done a clean out of non participating players so have plenty of room now for members lvl 35 & above. We are looking for active players. We are mainly Aussies but all welcome.

    Complete all 9 tasks
    Do tasks that are 315 points or more when special derbies please do 360 plus point tasks
    If you are a new member you will be promoted to help with deleting low point tasks
    If you are unable to participate please have the courtesy to opt out giving us a good chance at placing in the top 3.
    Be respectful, polite, helpful & have fun🍻🥂 ask for help were always here.

    If you opt in and continually dont complete tasks you will be booted, we appreciate life happens though so chances are given. If you join & decide we arent for you but we are mid derby please dont leave wait until the derby ends 😄

    Our neighbourhood details are:
    Name: Victorious Secret
    Tag #8QLC92QU
    My Kik Id: butterflygal8582
    Token: purple mouse in yellow circle
    Happy Farming🖒🖒

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    300+ 9/9 Looking For Some New Friendly Faces
    Moody Cows World Family is looking for some new friendly faces to add to our neighborhood.

    Tag: 8PPVCQQU
    Emblem: Green shield, yellow cow

    Derby requirements are 300+ 9/9 tasks. You must complete all tasks a week, or you will be opted out from the next derby. To avoid this, we only as that you let us know if you cannot play one week, and we will opt you out😊

    In game chat is highly encouraged. Communication is key! We also require that you have kik so we are able to contact you out of game for any other matters: upgrading, derby, neighborhood improvement, etc.

    Kik is a free messaging app you can download from app store (IPhone) or the google play store (Android)

    We have players from all around the world, but English is our required language.

    NO BULLYING, HARRASMENT, OR FOUL PLAY WILL BE TOLERATED. If you experience a problem, please come to me or a co leader directly and we will try to sort it out. Save the drama for your momma.

    We have 13 players, ranging from level 49 to 94. We will be accepting levels 40+. However, if you are lower leveled and believe you can keep up with the pace, feel free to message me and we can probably get you in no problem😊

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    Hi Gary love your heading lol, we are not a very big neighborhood yet but trying to grow.
    we alternate from regular derby and horseshoe derby that way it’s fun but mixes it up so it’s not so serious we ask 300+ tasks
    We also use a free app called KIK it’s an easier way for us to communicate with each other and ask for help when needed
    We help each other out when needed
    Our main rule is be courteous and say thank you
    come by check us out our neighborhood is Amarillo by Mornin

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