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Thread: Help me win

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    Here is what I suggest:
    1. Use only non engineered(or rushed) bases for th8 and below wars. If you use any engineered base, chances of a draw at this level increases.
    2. The main reason of losing a war at th8 and below war is not being able to score all the stars. So, do not put unskilled players in war, specially on top.
    3. You often need to attack with good cc troops in a war. Recruit a th9, or go to clans like UnderEarth, Invictus Kings etc to get good cc troops (FYI: read the clan description of those clans before joining for troops). Another way to get good cc troops is to have friendship with a th9+ player who is generous enough to donate you troops when needed .
    4. Use two th8s on top. This is quite helpful if your top guy misses to score a 3, your 2nd guy can get the 3 for your clan.
    5. Learn to use hogs. It's much easier to score a 3 with hogs than it is with dragons. Balloons are also useful.
    6. Fill the defending cc troops according to the opponent's strength. Same is with the base layouts.
    7. Most important: GET GOOD BASE LAYOUT DESIGNS. For th8 players it is highly necessary to have 3 type war layouts ready anti dragon, anti valk/gowipe and a hybrid. Anti hog and anti dragon layouts for th7s. For th6 and below, use anti balloons layout with proper placement of spring traps inside the wall. Spring traps should be so placed that cc hogs of the opponent cannot do much damage. In the th6 bases keep the giant bomb outside so that it kills some of the wizards and archers.
    8. Punish those who do not use proper troops in war or go without full camp and cc. Encourage your war players to use their skills.
    9. Have a good lineup. Do not use low townhall fillers at the bottom. If possible include only th8-th5 players.

    Mouthofsauron has already given you some great ideas. Hope I could add some more. Anyway good luck for your future wars.

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    This is a Indian Clan of level 6
    My problem is i every time search for war and get Very Unusual opponents like if i have a th6 its mirror is a th7..why?
    We search war at night and its a always war clan.

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    Give me your clan tag. I will go and check your line up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mishal9 View Post
    Can anyone give me advice how to Win more war
    I have a clan of level 6
    Make attack of 3 stars on all enemy bases, but enemy not get all 3 stars.

    Then you win more war.

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