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Thread: Clan Ally system

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    Clan Ally system

    So my idea is that there should be an ally system in clash of clans. What i mean is that you can have a group of up to 10 clans, and the clans can all work together on either clan games or wars, if you put both of those features in in clash of clans it sounds a little much. If it is games, then you could have a competition between clans and the clan with the most points at the end of the games gets an additional SUPER TIER to choose from. If it is clan wars, then you could battle between other ally groups of clans. This type of war would only be available once a month and it lasts a week. You have a max of 4 attacks and the winning team's clan that does the most damage gets a DOUBLE war win bonus. I know managing a war of that size sounds IMPOSSIBLE, but if you think about it, its actually easy, because each clan only has to manage its players, and maybe the clan leaders can manage their ally clan members. Personally, i think ally wars should be added over ally clan games. What do you think? The war search time would probably be quite a while, but then again this is a week long mega war that only comes once a month so the wait time doesn't seem like a huge problem. maybe you could also have a billboard that only the leaders can edit, and every member in the ally system can see it. Now, on the matter of kicking clans from an ally system, It would work a lot like a clan does, the creator of the ally system has to power to kick other clans from the system. A few more notes: the first clan leader to have another clan join their ally system is called the ruler. The ruler has the power to promote other clan leaders to corulers. Corulers would have the same powers as the ruler except they cant control other corulers. If the whole idea of a clan system were to work they would need to put in a few more features to make it different from a clan. Maybe they could do something with the builder base? This is my first time posting on forums so please excuse any mistakes i made. Thanks for reading!
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    Sorry bro It would be a worst idea. A clan should get up by its own not from any other clan's support! And the name of the game is "CLASH OF CLANS" not "FRIENDLY CLANS"!!

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    Too much complication to handle.

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    But where is the complication? If u did a massive kingdom games it would be easy to do, just get points for ur clan. If u did a massive war it would be easy to do so as well, managing it would be the same as managing a clan war, just have the co leaders and leaders take care of their own members

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    Hey Sparkytus:
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    But the clan would still be working on its own. If anything, the clan is working AGAINST other clans. The best clan at the end of one of the wars or games would maybe get a SMALL bonus xp, but other than that, it would be the same.

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    Hey Sparkytus:
    Send me your Clan Tag: will come over and talk.

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    Sry, my clan is kinda strict on who enters it, and im not a co leader or elder yet so i cant let u in if i wanted to.

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