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Thread: Power Stone Chance Masterpiece Not Increasing Chance

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    I picked 2 Crystal PvP & 1 Crystal NPC but I didn't wait 30 minutes seems to be working this week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowCoconut600 View Post
    No no I had the same, started boost on Dr.T last 4 Dr.T's, they gave me 2-3 fragments each time. (Dr.T got a double Crystal once/4)

    ...But today I boosted the PSC, left for awhile like 30 minutes then came back picked up 5 Crystals, 4-6 Shards & 9 fragments in one NPC.

    Tommorow will tell if a boost & leave for half an hour again.

    I have had a few theories about PSC's over the last while.

    The one you are mentioning is one of them regarding PSC statues. When you boost them there is a possibility that there is a delay between the client (your device) and the server actually recognizing it is boosted and incorporating those values so I would as well agree that players may want to wait a bit before proceeding to ensure the server has fully recognized it is boosted.

    5 crystals from one NPC base? Would love to see that screen shot.
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    So when fire alarms sounds out loudly on DST does the clock come from nowhere?
    Quote Originally Posted by Brezb View Post
    5 crystals from one NPC base? Would love to see that screen shot.
    There was no chance of the boosted PSC out of sync for any amount of time also, last week.
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