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    Why Supercell reduced the points per challenge?

    Those who were 400 points became 300

    And those quests with 600 points before now are 500

    Here is a example: Collect 24 stars in 2 days Now is 500 points(was 600)

    Why?Isnt enough that you force us to do only BB quests even if most of us dont like it?Now you have to make it even harder gathering points

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    Builder Base Only Clan Games...I'm Opting Out!!!

    It appears this clan games is builder base only. I want to thank SuperCell for turning clan games, something I don't enjoy but participate in for other members of the clan, into something I despise. I won't be participating with any of my 3 accounts and gonna stop playing the builder base period after this. It's been a pointless addition to the game that I've done just to do but it's felt pointless and laborious the whole time. I really wish the people at SuperCell didn't hate a section of their players so much. Dun Right games can't develop and release their player friendly alternative to CoC soon enough!!

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    Exactly. And time reduced to 4 days from 6 days

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    Coz They want people to work more for the completing points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gristy View Post
    I think it says more about the mentality of some of the community than anything SC has done.

    SC offers freebies to help players progress faster. Community responds by crying that they don't like the freebies on offer/don't like having to complete certain challenges to achieve the freebies. There is just no pleasing some people.
    Nobody's"crying" here that we're getting something for free. People don't like being forced into playing something they don't like in order to get those free items. That's all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    They don't have enough BB specific rewards to be able to reasonably do that. All of the magic items except those two runes can be applied to both bases or TH only. I think they have only included ones which at least can be applied to BB.
    They could have come up with some If they wanted to, even more gem and loot rewards, and reoffered rewards in different tiers. However i think a better way to go, would have been to have 60% builder base challenges, 40% normal base, and builders base challenges count 3 times normal base. That way those who really hate BB can still play, those like me who just dont like it so much, would probably play, and with a positive attitude as Its helping us reach goal so quickly. If the goal was to get more people playing the BB, the best way is to make us feel like Its a choice, and feel good while doing it. Its the arm twisting combined with exclusion thats upsetting people.
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    The issue with those builder base games are all those challenges to be done in 1 hour ! Probably a good fit for people who don't play it seriously and will easily get it done in low trophy ranges, but most are just impossible when sitting in hight trophy ranges with a lvl 20+ hero that alone takes 9 mins to regenerate. You can probably fit a few more attacks during your clock tower boost but are still dependent of your opponent's attacking time. It was already asked previously, and this is now even more important: PLEASE TAKE TROPHY RANGES INTO ACCOUNT !!! It's way more difficult to get 8 wins in an hour at 4500 than at 1000. Challenges should auto-adapt, or reward shoud be highly increased in high leagues !
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    Dw guys. There is a main village challenge!!

    “Clear 5 obstacles from your home village or builder base”

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    Quote Originally Posted by gristy View Post
    It's quite simple guys, you don't like the builder base and don't care about the rewards then just sit it out instead of getting your knickers in a twist.

    If you don't like builder base yet want the rewards then pull up those big boy pants, stop whinging and get on with the challenges. I don't like builder base but for the sake of my clan I am doing my part and I suggest people do likewise instead of crying on here about it.
    because what you call “crying” is actually people expressing an opinion. And, according to Darian, SC take notice of opinions expressed here. So posts expressing an opinion help them formulate the future of the game.

    its that simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shivampaw View Post
    Dw guys. There is a main village challenge!!

    “Clear 5 obstacles from your home village or builder base”

    My accounts only have special obstacles on home base, so not a main village challenge for me
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