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    Quote Originally Posted by shivampaw View Post
    Ok this just got weirder...

    - win 10 battles in an hour for 300 points
    Then right next to it was...
    - win 20 battles in a day for ........ 300 points
    They lowered the value of a lot of quests. The old 1 hour quests that were meant to be challenging used to be worth 350 points and are now worth 300. The old 1 day quests that used to be worth 400 points are now worth 300 points. In this case you can clearly see how much they reward quests with shorter timers. Players that have time to play non-stop are given an easier time on the games than people that have to take breaks.

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    Worst clan game ever!

    Dear SC i think this is the first worst clan game i love to play clan game but this time there is no main village challenge there is only builder base challenge i know you just release the builder hall 8 but atleast you need to give some main village challenges too to makr the majority fair. I request please don't repeat this mistake in future..

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    I have never liked BH stoped playing it very soon after it was introduced. Was very disappointed that games were only BH, up till now clan has maxed out with many getting top pts on the first day. Posted before the games started about my disappointment but read all the posts that said give it another try you might find you enjoy it. Well I did exactly that and I have to say I still dont like it and wont be trying any further challenges.
    Equally only about 20% of those who normally take part in my clan are now taking part.
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    Look to the left --->
    You dont need to participate in the clan games if you dont want to. You could also do a 40 point challenge and let your clan mates do the rest, if you're clan doesnt have anything against that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shivampaw View Post
    Yeah but the thing is it’s not that easy. Quests like get 300% total destruction in an hour or something are going to lead to you winning battles because if you want to get that then you need high percentage battles and that’ll lead to you winning quite a few.
    If you change your base you can make it very easy for your opponents to get a high percentage or even 100% against you. Put all your air defenses in one corner, all the ground only defenses in another corner, both ground and air an another corner, and all other buildings in the 4th corner. Switch to this base any time you want to drop trophies. Switch back to your best base any time you want to win.

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    Just some quotes from Clan Chat about the games.

    "BB Challenges are all hard because you are limited on how often you can attack and likely less successful"
    "The only reason I continue to play is for the Gear Up stuff"
    "Builder games suck"
    "Stupid builder ♥♥♥♥"
    "Seriously these builder hall challenges are impossible"
    "Too many 1 hour tasks that can't be done in time"
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    Quote Originally Posted by cocloon View Post
    It is funny that this is the only ammunition people have in favor of this event that most people are overwhelmingly not happy with.

    Hate BH clan games? Get a BH2 mini and spam troops every 1-2 minutes while losing on purpose to not climb trophies? Such fun!! Games are supposed to fun aren't the? Not some mind numbingly boring work around due to major flaws.

    I guess you are too busy calling everyone childish, selfish, etc etc to actually have this sink in though regardless.
    Using a mini is presented as an easy way of helping one's clan and getting rewards for those that dislike the builder base. Alternatively you could just not do the builder base and get no rewards. If it's not fun for you don't play it, another clan games will be around shortly.

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    I'm in a clan with active members and we ALWAYS get to the highest tier of rewards in clan games every 2-3 days! but now, we barely get to 5k in one day! it's nice to have new things for the builder base but at least give us options to do some quests in our main village even if they're only few. 80-20 would be good in my honest opinion. giving quests entirely for the builder base is not good for people that doesn't play builder base content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reefus View Post
    If I didn't want to do something I would just not do it. You have the same option with the builder base. There are many aspects to the game, and SC is free to promote and reward which ever one they want. No one is forcing you to play the builder game challenges, the same way that no one is forced to war for clan xp and war loot, or forced to push to a higher league for a better bonus.

    I'm merely suggesting to someone that hasn't built his ship that he has a easy way to cap out on clan game points, not just for this game but got all clan games that have builder base challenges.
    Yeah, but the problem with that logic is that your clan suffers. Being that this game is largely centered around team work, it's kind of counter-intuitive to simply say, "if you don't like playing BB games, then don't play them." Not participating does have a direct effect on how well the clan performs.

    Case in point, I donate 6000 points every single CG. Can my clan still reach all the tiers? Of course. However, it's still quite possible that my not participating stops them from reaching one, especially when you consider that not everyone will get max points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by United06 View Post
    Loving the builder games.. it seems to have reduced the clouds . Bring on more builder games✌️✌️✌️.. might be the only solution to the clouds
    I was thinking this too. We have had constant cloud complaints the entire time they have had clan games and they finally do something that truly helps...and we just get a bunch of complaints. I'm finding bases quicker than ever in Legends right now.

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