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Thread: Quick question about CC lure

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    Question Quick question about CC lure

    When luring a CC, do they anchor to the 1st troop dropped, or closest troop.

    I'm pulling CC across the map. I know the troop used to lure will die quickly. I plan on dropping the AQ on the side of the base I'm entering from, but, don't want to wait for CC to slowly cross the entire map. So, my question is will the CC continue towards the AQ, or re-target to a closer troop once I start deploying them?

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    Look to the left --->
    I think its the closest troop. When I lure barbs with a archer which I place on a builder hut in the corner, and I drop a valkerie behind them and the cc troops turn aroumd.

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    I think it depends what situation your in, because whenever I seem to put my queen down and the dragon (usually that's what is in enemy ccs) targets the queen, not whatever I placed to lure it.

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    closest troop

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    It will eventually change to the closest troop, I am not sure about the exact time, but its a few secs, then it moves to the closest.
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    It is closest troop that they can actually hit. So it depends a little on what is in the CC.
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