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    Magical Item Values in Gems and Which are Best?

    The following is a list and explanation assigning values for each Magical Item, including new items released in the Spring Update. Not all values are known, as the “Trader” is an all-new feature and hasn’t offered all items yet.

    This goes without saying, but a lot of this is subjective and my opinion. I may Value one item over another (and get more value with my current base, league, and amount of time I play Clash daily), so your mileage may vary. However, I tried to be as objective as possible when determining “gem value”. The later “real value” below is completely subjective based on my experiences.

    If you strongly agree, disagree, or think I missed something entirely (and my Math is easily wrong without sleep and with too much covfefe ☕️) please comment!

    Gem values for magical items:

    Based on gem values from the new Trader, 2 rings of walls are worth 400 gems, or about 200 gems each.

    A Ring of Walls can have a “value” of 500,000 gold or elixir when used to upgrade walls to level 8, up to a value of 800,000 loot to max level 12. Buying that much loot with gems would cost 336-494 gems for the equivalent of 1 ring; for Trader cost that would mean costing 170-250 gems at half-off, close to their actual Trader cost of 200 gems each.

    For Builder Hall Walls, each a Ring has a max value of 400,000 Builder gold per ring, when upgrading level 4 walls to level 5. Their value actually decreases to 300k for levels 5-6, and then back up to 375k per ring for max level 7-8 walls. Buying Builder Loot equivalent to 1 ring would be between ~365-470 gems for either 300k or 400k. For BH, 1 Ring of Walls is worth 365-470 gems, or a Trader half-off price of 180-235 gems, or right about their actual cost of 200 gems.

    See my other thread “Ring of Walls Value: When to use them efficiently”

    (By comparison a Training Potion is 25 gems each where a boost with the same effect costs 30 + 10 + 5 per hero, or 45-55 depending on number of heroes, 50 for a TH9 with king and queen. So 25 gems a Training Potion is half its “value”).

    Training Potion Trader cost: 25 gems, value: 50 gems.

    Resource Potions Trader cost: 115 gems, value (manual collector boost): 70+70+60= 200. (588,000 extra gold/elixir and 2,400 dark at TH9 with max collectors over 24 hours, valued at 965 gems (383+383+199) to buy that in shop)

    Boost Potion Trader cost: 300 gems, unable to give gem value

    Builder Potion (boost all home builders by 10x for 1 hour, saving 9 hours x builders, or up to 45 hours): Trader cost 285 gems, gem value: (treated as 1 building saving 45 hours) 363 gems. Treated as 1 building saving 9 hours: 103 gems each, or 515 gems for all 5. Value depends, 363-515 gems*

    *As it was pointed out, the gem value depends on how much time is left. The more time remaining, the cheaper that it becomes to gem time (7 days = 1000 gems / 14 days = 1850 gems, double the time less than half the gems). The above calculation figures the last, most-expensive 9 hours plus one hour. Either way since the Trader cost is 285* gems, Supercell value Builder Potion at 600 gems which is hard to justify (I figure 363-515, Trader Cost should be 250-258 gems not 300).

    **Thanks to members who posted that the Builder Potion costs 285 gems in the Trader, not 300. I was able to acquire 2 from the “Sparks Will Fly” event and can confirm that over 1 hour exactly 10 hours pass, saving 9 hours. This means that the BP’s optimal value is actually 515 gems, when used for the final 10 hours of 5 buildings. A 50% discount should price it at 258 (or 255 or 260 for an even multiple of 5), not 285.

    The new Building Potion saves 45 hours across 5 builders, or roughly 2 days. Typical Books save 7-14 days, many 10 days for TH9, so ~5 Builder Potions = 1 Book when used efficiently.

    (More accurately: 3.73 Builder Potions ~= 1 Book of Heroes, and 7.5 ~= 1 Book of Building, as Supercell currently values other Books as saving 14 days which unfortunately is only the case for TH11, greatly inflating the cost of buying a Book of Building/Fighting/Spells from the trader for everyone under TH11.)

    Builder Potion works for home village building and upgrading, including heroes, but not lab upgrades or for the Master Builder in the Builder Base.

    Book of Heroes Trader: 500 gems, saves 7 days or 1,000 gems

    Books of Fighting / Spells / Building Trader: 925 gems; 7-14+ days saved or 1,000 - 1,850 gems

    Book of Everything: Trader (unconfirmed): 1,925 gems!, value: same as other non-Hero Books, 1,000-1,850 gems, so do not ever buy from the Trader unless the price is lowered!

    Home Runes
    (No reported costs for any of the Runes in the Trader. Are Runes not yet for sale there?)
    TH9: 8 million loot: 2,600~ gems
    TH11: 10 million loot: 3,333~ gems.
    Halving the max TH gem cost, Trader cost should be 1,670 gems!

    Dark Rune
    TH9: 190,000 dark: 5,400 gems
    TH10: 200,000 dark: 5,667 gems (~twice the value of Home Gold/Elixir Runes).
    Expected Trader cost: 2,835 gems!

    Builder Gold/Elixir Runes
    Max loot for BH7: 3,000,000 (2,267 gems )
    BH8: 4,000,000 (3,467 gems)
    In the Trader, Builder Runes should cost 1,735 gems!

    In short, if you can’t decide which potion get the Training Potion or if you have or can have 5 active builders with 10+ hours left on each, Builder Potions or any Book.

    Books seem to have a better gem-value than Builder Potions (by more than 2-to-1), as you may need up to 7.5 Builder Potions to save 14 days’ worth of upgrade time (but spread across 5 buildings/heroes), which would cost over 2,100 gems in the Trader (7.5 x 285 gems) compared to 925 for a Book.

    Best Gem-Value and Real-Value from Trader (in order)
    • Training Potion
    • Book of Heroes / Fighting / Building / Spells (esp. if your upgrades take 14 days, else just Heroes Book)
    • Builder Potions.

    For gem cost in the Trader, get the Training Potion and use it every day for only 25 gems! (Save 20-30 gems)

    Magic Items in Trader Cost Gems, Gem Value

    The gem cost for the Trader is half of what it would cost for the same effects, assuming you have a max TH11, except for the Training Potion (55 gems value, costs 25 gems not 27-28).

    Book of Heroes saves 7 days, or 1,000 gems, buy for 500 gems. Books of Fighting, Spells, and Building save up to 14 days, or 1,850 gems, buy for 925 gems.

    However, if you’re below TH11 none of your available upgrades may take 14 days and instead may take 7 days at most. Using your Trader-purchased Books then would still cost 925 gems and save you only 1,000. In this case the Trader does not offer much of a discount.

    • Training Potion: 25, 50 gems
    • Resource Potion: 115, 230 gems
    • Boost Potion: 300, 600 gems
    • Builder Potion: ?, 350-500 gems
    • Ring of Walls (1): 200, 350-500
    • Book of Heroes: 500, 1,000 gems
    • Book of Fighting, Spells, Building, Everything: 925, 1,850 gems
    • Gold/Elixir Runes: 2,600-3,000 gems*
    • Dark Rune: 5,400-5,700 gems*

    *Buying loot with gems, as when calculating gem value of Runes; loot is expensive in gems and is frankly not worth it.*

    “Real Value” Comparisons
    • 5-10 Rings of Walls to 1 Book
    • 10 Rings of Walls to 1 Rune
    • 3-4 Rings of Walls to 1 Training Potion
    • 4-8 Builder Potions to 1 Book (3.7 BPs for a 7-day Book of Heroes, 7.5 BPs for 14-day Books)
    • 3-4 Training Potions to 2+ Runes (0.5 Dark Runes)
    • 15-17 Resource Potions to 2+ Runes*
    • 4 Resource Potions to 1 Training Potion

    In other terms:
    • 1 Book = 5-10 Rings of Walls / 4-8 Builder Potions
    • 1 Training Potion = 3-4 Rings of Walls / 4 Resource Potions / A Quarter to a Half a Gold and Elixir Rune / A Sixth to a Third a Dark Rune

    *(0.333-0.5 Dark Runes for TH9-11; 45 Resource Potions = 1 Dark Rune for max TH9 with 2 drills; 30 for max TH11 with 3 drills)

    My opinion: even though they’re valued low/cost little, Training Potions are the best—by far—to get for your gems. Builder Potions (if you have 5 active Builders) and any Book come second, but they’re much pricier by comparison.

    Don’t waste gems on the resource potion or ring of walls.

    Which Should You Choose?

    For Trader (not from Clan Games)
    1. Training Potion
    2. Book of Fighting/Spells/Building
    3. Book of Heroes
    4. Building Potion
    Last, Tied: Rings of Walls, Resource Potion

    For Clan Games Rewards
    1. Books (Everything, Fighting, Heroes, Spells, then Building last)
    2. Home Runes
    3. Training Potions
    4. Rings of Walls
    5. Builder Potions
    6. Gems
    7. Loot (if over 1 million/ 5k dark, then it’s better than Resource Potion)
    8. Resource Potion or Boost Potion (unless you’re a new TH with no upgraded troops, then Boost Potion is 4th before Builder Potions).

    Suggestions to Supercell: Decrease Trader cost of Builder Potions from 285 to either 260 or 255 to reflect half its actual gem value of 515. Decrease costs of Book of Fighting/Spells/Building according to players’ Town Hall level—your values assume saving 14 days.

    Base it off the max time savings for each Town Hall, exclude outliers. Example, at TH9, only 1 lab upgrade is 12 days (lv 4 valk), where most others are 10 days max. Buildings take 10 days max (except for actual TH upgrade: 12 days). Assume 10 days in gems savings, or 1,370 gems (for half-price of 685 not 925). So use say 8 days for TH8, 10 days for TH9, 12 days for TH10, and the current 14 days for TH11.

    Recommended non-Hero Book costs:
    TH8: 560 (8 days)
    TH9: 685 (10 days)
    TH10: 810 (12 days)
    TH11: 925 (current 14 days)

    This would make it “fair and reasonable”. Yes, a player could save a Book, upgrade their TH and take advantage of a deeper but modest discount—but only one book each, and kudos to them for being savvy.

    No need to adjust Book of Heroes from 7 days or 500 gems. Book of Everything should really cost the same as other non-Hero books, maybe plus a 100 gem premium instead of nearly double! (Heard reports of Book of Everything costing 1,925 gems or so, cannot confirm.)

    Do the same for Resource Potions: 1 less Dark Drill, costing 30 gems, so reduce RP cost in Trader by 15 gems to an even 200 for TH9.
    Last edited by lincolnq; March 8th, 2018 at 06:26 PM. Reason: Fixed Runes info, added details on Trader and Books, value for non-TH11 is less. Fixed BP gems + info, + BH Runes, Ring Values, link to Ring Thread

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    I know a lot of people are complaining about the Traders Prices as being far too high, but they really are HALF of the gems it would cost without the item. The “BUT” is that it’s half the cost in gems *assuming* you’re a TH11 and use the items in the most efficient way, such as for a 14-day upgrade, upgrading walls to max level 12, etc.

    And yes, buying the equivalent loot for walls instead of a ring of walls would cost roughly 400 gems PER Ring of Walls (or 2,000 gems PER wall from level 11 to 12 for 4 million loot OR 5 Rings at 200 gems each, for a 50% discount).

    *Technically it’s 1,400 gems to buy 4,000,000 gold/elixir... close.

    200 gems per Ring might sound like a crazy lot (and it is—I don’t recommend it AT ALL!), but it IS a 50% off deal.

    I highly recommend the 25 gem Training Potion. You can easily get 2-4 million loot (or more) in 1 hour of boosted attacks, enough for 1 level 12 wall equivalent to 5 Rings or 2,000 gems without Trader discount.

    Why spend even 1,000 gems when it takes only 25? 😉 (Plus you’ll get trophies and Dark Elixir)
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    I don't know why you are trying to calculate the "real" value. Because after watching the offers till now, it is clear that gem cost of magic items is not fixed.
    One potion that costs you 125 gems today might as well be available for 25 gems tomorrow. Variable costs maintain the rarity of magic items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaibhav998 View Post
    I don't know why you are trying to calculate the "real" value. Because after watching the offers till now, it is clear that gem cost of magic items is not fixed.
    One potion that costs you 125 gems today might as well be available for 25 gems tomorrow. Variable costs maintain the rarity of magic items.
    I haven’t seen the prices change so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. The Trader is new, and has only had 2 sets “offers” and both times the prices have been the same.

    People get different Trader offers, apparently, and so far everyone’s prices for the same items have been the same, as listed above. No changes found yet, at least in the dozen or so forum comments I’ve read since today’s update.

    As far as non-Trader Gem values, those haven’t changed period—since they were introduced with clan games. Boosting troops always costs 30 gems plus 10 for spells and 5 for each hero. Boosting resources always costs 70 gems for all elixir/gold, etc. Only exceptions are during events, like 1-gem boost days...obviously. Gemming your 7-day Hero upgrade always costs 1,000 gems... and on and on and on. Costs don’t change and haven’t changed since clan games and magical items were introduced in Decmber 2017.

    So what exactly do you mean the gem costs change?
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    Live with bunch of villages in Invictus Knight (lv 15) & yes, all that nonstop clappings ridiculous!
    I think you covered all the pros & cons. Great job Lincolnq

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpartanDoc View Post
    I think you covered all the pros & cons. Great job Lincolnq
    Thanks SpartanDoc!

    I’m trying to make regular info-posts and “which is best” posts and then share them with my clan. I also share/pin them in discord. Also helps to avoid clanmates asking the same questions over and over.😉

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    Great summary. Good job OP.

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    Now I’ve seen the Boost Potion on the Trader sell for 300 gems, meaning Supercell values it at 600 gems.

    I didn’t assign it a value as that would be practically impossible—there’s no other way to temporarily boost your troop level.

    Also, if you’ve maxed all your troop and spell levels in the lab, the Boost potion is useless, but if you’re a brand new TH level and just upgraded your lab this provides an AMAZING boost!

    I’d still value the Training Potion far above the Boost Potion even if you’ve just upgraded your lab in a new TH, but find it hard to have its “average gem value” be 600 gems compared to 25 for 1 Training Potion; both are temporary boosts for 1 hour. (Valued same as Builder Potion—so maybe that determines its value). Thoughts?

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    Surely the gem value of the builder potion depends on whether you’re taking the cost of the first 9 hours of building or the last?

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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    Nice job making this thread OP.

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