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Thread: Need an active clan for maxed th9

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    Need an active clan for maxed th9

    I need an active lvl 10 and above clan for maxed th9 ....exp lvl 104.....need a clan with clan points above 35000 and if it is a fwa then it will be the best....i am a highly active pusher...
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    Centennial Club
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    Jan 2016
    Fort St John, BC
    Maxed out clan games. Lots of active members.

    Lots of experience, donations and help available here.

    I think we’d be a good fit.

    We are a fun, chill, no pressure to perform, English speaking North American fair play b2b ADULT war clan. Opting out at anytime is fine.

    Passcode: "I'm here to win"

    Adult level 13 Clan with 522+ war wins. Ranked 297th out of 3.1 million clans--Most War Wins as per Clash Of Stats site and 37st in the US.

    We use the Slack app to communicate during war (Mandatory)

    Tag #20VG00VY
    Name: Times Up!

    Thank you,

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    Thumbs Up Max tier/ lvl 12 farming clan.

    This is farming clan with a focus on clan games. We always achieve max tier in clan games, if that is what you are looking for. We do war once a week just for fun and practice for those who would like to eventually join a war clan. We are a very chatty fun bunch here. Everyone says it feels like family when you are in this clan. Very relaxed atmosphere there. If you do join our clan we do expect you to at least complete 1000 trophies in clan games, although a quarter of us reach the 3000 trophy mark easily. We do not bark at you if you do not complete the requirements but we do expect you are active enough to complete about 1000 trophies.

    Clan Tag: #Y002UJ8V
    Clan Name: Gama Sharks
    Clan Level:12
    Clan Location: Mostly from the U.S.A. and some from Canada, England, Ireland, and Australia,
    Clan Members: TH 4 to TH 11
    War Frequency: Once a Week
    Clan Games Requirement is 1000 trophies

    How to join our clan:

    When requesting , Just type "spoke to Zooka in the Forums"

    Bazooka Storm
    Gama sharks Clan Leader - Clash of Clans
    Clan Tag: #Y002UJ8V

    Clash Royal Clan.... Clan Tag: #80JPLQR......Clan Name: Gama Sharks

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    Kings of War #9GULJL08 is a active level 12 clan looking to recruit! We max clan games and war back to back. Everyone in the clan has a balanced ratio. If you are looking to talk our clan chat is always active!

    Come check us out!
    Add "Alpaca" when you apply!

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